Feb 19, 2012

#002: White gradient

Seche Clear base coat
OPI Funny bunny (gradient)
Sinful colors Opal glitter
Seche Vite top coat


Funny bunny is white crème which is a bit warm and pretty sheer, so it’s great polish to make gradient pattern! No need to dilute it, simply I started by painting 2/3 of my nail “roughly”…and continued until the free edge is completely covered (5 coats in total). After a light coat of holo-glitter and seche vite, it looks like gel-polished…but it’s not!

日本のネイルブログではお馴染みOPI Funny bunnyを使った白グラデ。もうちょっと上手くなりたいところ。何故かこちらの人々には「それジェル?」といわれることが多いです。セシェのぽってり感のせいかなあ。あと写真だとラメが何だか粒々し過ぎて微妙……本当はもっとキレイなのにー!

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