Feb 28, 2012

#004: Glitter orange gradient

Seche Clear base coat
Color club Turn The Other Chic (gradient)
Seche Vite top coat


As the blog title shows, I normally change my nail just once a week, only on the weekend. But I was sooooo uncomfortable with my last one, I decided to repaint it. I still couldn’t give up using “orange” on my nail, so I tried another orange with gradient pattern…and now I feel really better!

Turn the Other Chic is light yellowish orange jelly with tons of tiny silver/holographic glitters packed in it. Formula is a bit thick but dry very fast which means it works pretty well for gradient creation. This reminds me the sunny summer days…even if it’s pretty gray outside (as usual german winter time).

Color Clubのオレンジラメは濃い目のクリアオレンジに粒ラメぎっしり、もったり目のテクスチャですが乾きがほんっとに早いのでグラデしやすくて良かったです。

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