Mar 4, 2012

#005: Shimmery-dusty-lavender

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
Catrice Dirty berry (2 coats)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


Actually this is my really first catrice polish. I don’t know why but I was a bit hesitating to buy the catrice polish – even if I really don’t see any reason – but now I can say I’m one of the catrice-fan! Good smooth formula, dry pretty fast, 2 coater, nice color…what else you need for nail polish? Oh probably good brush too, but as you know, none of brush is 100% OK for everyone…and actually brush for this one was not-so-bad for me.

So dirty berry. Very well-known, dusty lavender with subtle but really pretty holographic particles. Not only my first catrice polish, but is also my first lavender or mauve tone polish…and I was pretty surprised that this one looked really nice on my nail. Lavender color itself is still not my favorite, but I LOVE THIS. I’ve never seen this kind of color, and I’m happy to have this in my stash.

ドイツ系(欧州系)ネイルブログでは阿呆ほど見かけるCatriceですが何故かずーっと持っていませんでした。何でかな、住んでいるところであまり頻繁に見かけないから?ともかく初Catrice、このDirty berryは特に人気のある色の1つなのですが塗ってみて物凄い納得。くすんだラベンダーにとても控えめにちらちら光る虹色ラメって何これかわいい!イエベ肌だと厳しいかなーと思っていたのですが虹色ラメの光り方が黄色に傾く感じなのでイエベでもブルベでもOKそうな感じです。塗り心地も乾きも一級品、色も結構独自路線なものが多い、ついでに1本10ml入り2.5ユーロってプチプラ!なので今後もちょくちょく買ってしまいそうです。

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