Mar 8, 2012

#006: Office nail/pearly beige

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
OPI Nomad’s dream (2 coats)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


My job normally does not have restrict code for the nail color and so there’s a lot of my colleagues who are enjoying vampy or vivid color in daily business life, but…Ah…Of course if I might see someone from outside, sometimes it’s clearly better to wear the good office color. Yep, TPO is pretty important.

OPI Nomad’s dream is one of such a color in my stash, which is recognized as one of “All-mighty color” in Japan. It’s pale orange brown with silver/green iridescent pearl which shows the nail clean, stylish and sexy. OK with blue jeans, OK with black suits, OK with formal dresses, not fancy but great color!

Formula is quite streaky so not that easy to apply, and also drying time is not that fast too, but I’m happy owning this polish…Once if I’m lost for the scene or dress code, I can simply grab this. Easy life, isn’t it?

日本のネイルスキーさんたちで知らない人はまずいないんじゃないでしょうかーなOPIの定番色Nomad’s dreamであります。シーンを選ばない万能っぷり、肌への素晴らしい馴染みっぷりに困ったときの1本と化しているのですが、ぎっしり詰まったパールのせいか驚異的に塗りにくいと感じているのは私だけですかそうですか。

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