Mar 11, 2012

#007: Shimmery green

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
Catrice King of Greens (2 coats)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


Although green is one of my favorite make-up color, I’ve never tried it on my nail. At least creamy, pale or dark or smoky green that I see a lot around here was totally not my feeling, so I was really happy when I saw this new Catrice core-line color on the shelf.

It’s a bright viridian green with full of fine green shimmer. This reminds me of malachite. It was hard to capture the very-fine-shimmer on the nail but it sparkles in the real life! Also what is really great on this polish is, that, you can see clear brush strokes during the application but it vanishes in the end after it drys up. Rich pigments give nice finish in two coats, and also the brush helped well for good, smooth application (even it’s a bit too thick and round for me, though).

Overall, I LOVE this color. Looks good on my skin, too! Maybe this will be great choice for stamping but I’ve never tried for stamping art myself…this might be my next try.



  1. wow this is so pretty! I think I missed it when I checked out the new products of Catrice. Now I feel like I really really need it :D

    1. Yeah this is really pretty, I've never seen this kind of green!

  2. wow, this color is stunning! and you're right it goes beautifully with you

    1. Thanks! I'm happy having this in my stash <3


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