Mar 13, 2012

#008: Warm peach-brown holo

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
WinMax Alpha-Rainbow Nail color No.1 (2 coats)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


WinMax is a nail polish brand from Japanese 100-yen shop “Daiso” and that means this holographic beauty costs only less than 1 euro! Well, yes, bottle contains only 8mL, but SO WHAT!? It’s still extremely cheap, and also really pretty.

Despite of its low-price, quality is pretty good. Not as well-known China Glaze OMG or Nfu Oh holos, this does not requires special basecoat for smooth application. Dry shiny and a bit glossy, so even after the topcoat, holo is still there. It’s not hyper-strong holo but it still clearly shows great linear holo effect even under the normal room light in the night! At least I can say it has more stronger effect than Cathrine Arley holos…

BUT, sadly I’ve heard that this cutie has been discontinued last year. Also this was not always available in all branch of “Daiso”, so it was already kind of HTF sweetie on that moment…and now it’s really gone! Fortunately I had a chance to go back Japan last year, and one of my local “Daiso” still had the stock, but…actually this holo has 9 sisters and I only could get 5 of them. WHAAAAAH!! COME BAAAAAAAAAACK!!! :(


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