Mar 28, 2012

#013: Navy/light blue cross V-french

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
Catherine Arley 674 (holo light blue, 3 coats)
OPI Yoga-Ta Get This Blue! (Navy, 2 coats)
essence nail art freestyle & tip painter More than silver (line)
Seche Vite top coat


As my first post, I like this design, cross V-french by different colors, and I love this color combination too! It was a bit hard to do this by wide OPI brush so might be easier to do by the polish with thinner brush such as essie. This time I also used seche instead of essence, because I wanted to have nice thickness with glossy finish which looks like clear gel…I think it went pretty fine.

Sooooo…I might do this again, but so much new polish release now! Every week I think if I might go for the new art or new polish, and as you know, it’s really a hard decision!

クロスフレンチ?Vフレンチ?どういえばいんでしょねこういうの。普通のフレンチは技術的にも見た目的にも少々苦手なのですが(フリーエッジが長い=幅広く取らないといけない=不恰好になるorz)これは結構好きなデザインです。もう少しホロとかストーンとかで飾れたらいいんでしょうがこっちそーいうのが本当に無くてですね……orz スタンプが幅を利かせているからかなー。もう少しアート頑張りたいところですがなかなか、です。


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