Mar 20, 2012

Haul #001: Small pack from USA


I got this pack just on time when I got out of my door this morning. I and post-guy met each other without any bells! What a timing, and what a tiny pack…


...with great stuffing!

So mainly what I bought is nail care goods that I can’t buy over here but wanted to have since long time (wraps and implements). But amazingly, even I bought pretty lot of nail care goods, there’s still a place in this small packet box, so of course I…


...added few more stuffing = nail polish! This moment I decided to buy only color clubs, because I think color club is one of hard-to-get polish brand here and I really wanted to get their well-known holos and others for long time (L to R: Revvvolution, Wild at Heart, Love ’em Leave ’em, Rock candy, Object of Envy).

But while I was sticking polishes in the cart, I saw the note as “not holographic color” on some color club holos (e.g. Worth the Risque), and I was wondered if they changed formula or not…so I only picked up the so-called holo color without such a note, and these look fine at least through the bottle (especially Wild at Heart).

Anyway, can’t wait trying all of these, including nail care products…I love working on my nails!

凄い久々にTransdesignでお買い物しますた。ポリもさながらネイルケアグッズが信じられん値段で売ってたりするので今回はネイルケア系ばっかです。刃物ヲタクの国のくせにいいキューティクルニッパーが無くてキレたというのが主な原因です。Small flat rateだったら送料含めても他で買うよりずっと安いよ!
んでこんだけ(ニッパー&プッシャー、ラップ一式、ブルークロス)入れてもまだモノが詰められるということで増やしてしまいましたポリ。Color clubの玉虫はほんとずっと欲しかったしちょうどいいやー、みたいな(おい)。でも玉虫として知られているカラーの一部には「コレ玉虫違うよ!」という注意書きがあってどゆこと?となった次第。まあ欲しかった色には関係無かったのでええのですが、……フォーミュラ変わったんかなあ。Rock candyはピングロ・ラブレター系のもっと濃いのが欲しかったので。緑ラメは……何でこれ買ったんかな(爆弾発言)……多分クリスマス用とか考えたんだと思うんですが。何とか活用方法を考えます<消極的

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