Apr 5, 2012

#016: Navy blue “magnetic” stripe

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
Alessandro Blue chip (Go Magic! Twist collection, 2 coat)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


I’m very sure I was too happy when I found this in my local…discount store! It was released at 2010 fall, and I knew about this great polish and magnet just last year, which is way too late…but finally I could get it, also in great price (30% discounted), so I’m really happy.

Application was actually a bit tricky. Formula itself is nice and smooth, but because you have to apply pretty thick otherwise it’ll dry up BEFORE you apply the magnet, it easily spread into the cuticle. Application of magnet was also not hiper-easy, but well…it could be improved by several practicing.

I also love the color, as most of “magnetic” colors are really gray-sh but this has pretty nice vivid color! Again I have to say I love this brand, despite of its price…

さてやり方としてはポリを分厚めに塗り、乾かないうちに磁石で覆うということになります。なかなかメンドクサイというか、磁石に爪がべたー貼り付いて大騒動とか、まあ要は結構大変だったりするのですがw エアブラシで吹いたような、なかなか面白い仕上がりになります。

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