Apr 8, 2012

#017: Marine blue-to-golden green metalic duochrome

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
Sephora Moody woman (2 coats)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


So one from my last french-shopping! This gave me nice duochrome color with pretty strong metalic finish, that it certainly looks like “foil” depends on the strength of light, or angle from the light…that, one above and one below is taken under exactly same light-source…but looks really different, isn’t it?


As other duochromes this was soooooooooooo hard to capture, even if I took the photo under direct sunlight/artifitial daylight/dim light/soft light/or whatever, it often looked one-color. I think because shimmer is very strong and metalic, this could scatter all the “color-shifts” and won’t appear in the photo…but it’s really great duochrome!

Application was easy, the brush was similar to catrice one, drying time was a bit slow but still acceptable…I especially love how marine blue appears by this polish, it might give me great pedi for summer!



  1. Have you tried taking pictures while holding your hand in a bowl of water? I have seen some others take some really awesome pictures with this trick. I haven't tried it myself though. Need to sometime soon...

    1. Thank you for the info, I searched a bit for the detail and got the clue...I must try such a method myself, too!


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