Apr 11, 2012

#018: Nothing but TWITTER!!

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
Essence a lovely secret (pale blue, 2 coats)
Essence passion for fashion (blue, 2 coats)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


I desided to jump into twitter-world! Sometimes I have few words that I’d like to describe but not enough for one single post, twitter might be great tool to describe these “tweets”. And while I was setting up the twitter, I simply thought it’s too boring to leave that “egg” icon over there. I wanted something to decorate, and…here I went for “twitter-inspired” nail!

This is really my FIRST flat art I made by opaque ink, so it’s not that great-looking (I hope it looks like “tweet” bird icon)…but I’m sure I did my best :D
I also think I took too much blue on it that now it reminds me of FACEBOOK rather than twitter, so…I’d like to redo this or re-arrange this on some moment, but I’m still happy having these kind of “design” on my nail ;)

Oh and my twitter account  is @nailofthisweek, hope you’ll follow this…now I might next setup the blog-tool for twitter on my sidebar here!

…… 基 本 デザインは、ですが。Wフレンチの濃い青を幅広く取りすぎたとか鳥がヨレヨレだとか反省点は数限りなくあります。あと青が濃過ぎたこれじゃあFacebookじゃねーか、とか。なかなかいい水色って無いもんですな、また探してそのうちやり直せたらいいなーと思っています。

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