Apr 14, 2012

#019: Green holographics

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
Jessica Retro Diva basecoat
Nubar Reclaim (Deep green linear holo, 2 coats)
Cathrine Arley #803 (Yellow green scatter holo, 3 coats)


Time for longer day, time for sunshine, time for HOLO!! Well I know I’m crazy on holo polishes and I do enjoy even on clowdy winter time, but of course sunny-day is the best for waring holos! And, as I posted before I added new holo in my stash, which is green, which might be great for spring, so I desided to ware it this time. I also wanted to make my mani a bit vivid, I wared as combi-mani with another green holo…


As well described, Reclaim is really great linear holo with similar formula to OMG or Nfu-Ohs, so aqua-base basecoat is “must” before the application. Drying time was not so good as OMG series, but finish is too beautiful to complain.
#803 is mostly same as other Cathrine Arley holos, subtle scatter holo with bit glossy finish. It was also pretty sheer so I went 3 coats to have enough color on.

Anyway I think these two went in good combination! Each color is working as good accent for another color, looks not too much but not too less. LOVE!


さてNubar ReclaimとCathrine Arley #803です。Reclaimは見た感じの質感がOMG系そっくりだったのでJessicaベースコートを塗った上で塗ったのですが大正解でした。ベースコートしていても微妙に色を引きずるとか何事よ。乾きもOMG系より微妙に良くなくてうーん、という感じだったのですが仕上がりの美しさに全てが吹っ飛びました。いやほんと買って良かったです。
Catherine Arley #803は正直あんまり玉虫っぽく無いのですが光が当たると輝くオレンジラメが本当にキレイです。ちょっとメタリックな輝きだけどかわいい色。少々シアーですが塗りやすくてお気に入りです。これは専用ベースコートをしてもしなくても塗り心地は変わらない感じです。

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