Apr 22, 2012

#022: Coral glitter gradient

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
AC nail enamel D78 (gradient)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


Sort of business meeting on this week = No bold color, no fancy or tricky design allowed. But otherwise, simple beige or pink or whatever = it’ll bore me for sure. Office-like holos? I already did in last two months. Then what?

...Above was what I was thinking until I desided to do this glitter gradient. Oh yes, glitter gradient for meeting. But well…don’t you think it’s at least better than bold color or full-nail-art? I wanted to make simple looking, but not simple one- or two-coat, not too fancy but not too boring…and finally I reached to this result.


Polish used here is Japanese polish called AC nail enamel. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s not a simple one-glitter, but mixture of at least two glitters with golden shimmer in coral jelly. This brand has great line of glitters, but I only own two of them. This was my first use of their glitter, and now I really feel I need MORE! So this is how my wish-list for next japanese trip grows up…*hahaha* :D




  1. Beautiful gradient! That polish is gorgeous! I have never seen this brand around when I was in Japan. How could I miss something this beautiful... :/

    Seeing how you do bilingual posts, I feel like I should start studying again... and maybe start thinking about doing something similar to practice my Japanese xD

    1. Thanks!
      This polish is pretty amazing, not only its shade but also the price...you can find this at 100-yen shop! I'm seriously thinking to get these again when I went back to Japan, and also thinking it'll be hyper-great if they can export their "shop" to abroad :D

    2. Seriously!? They sell them in 100-yen shops? Just so I know when I'm going to Japan next... which one sells them? I also think that there should be some japan-style 1€ shops here. I miss Daiso :(

    3. Oh yes seriously. If you can see Japanese websites, you should check: http://www.dobest.co.jp/products/

      Actually shop list is not working at all, but all the products could be found at 100-yen shops called "Can-Do", "Selia" or "Silk". These are different company from daiso and they carry A LOT of nail-art products!

      Daiso is still great for tools/goods, but now, there three shops are REALLY HOT...and of course I'm personally thinking to go there again too XD

    4. Thank you for the imformation. I remember visiting some Selia shops when I was in Japan last time, but they didn't carry very much cosmetics. Are these shops rather new? I don't remember seeing them back in 2007?

    5. Yeah, on that moment not at all but now they do! AC nail enamel itself was released probably late 2006, and now spreading out almost everywhere except Daiso (as you know they have their own brands).

      You can also find a lot of stickers, glitters, stones (even swarovski too!) around these shops now. I think it's because there's big boom on self-made gel nails. BTW they are certainly really a nail-lover's heaven now!

  2. Oh, wow, this mani looks amazing! Look at all the sparkles! ^^

    1. Thanks! Actually this polish is really good ;)


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