Apr 29, 2012

#024: So-called peridot dupes

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
Thumb: Sephora Diving in Malaysia (3 coats)
Index: Jessica Iridescent Eye (3 coats)
Middle: ArtDeco No. 226(“chameleon most-green”, 3 coats)
Ring: ArtDeco No. 227 (“peacock feather green”, 3 coats)
Pinky: Catrice Genius in The Bottle (3 coats)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


Last year there was a great movement on chanel peridot. Despite of its price, even if users/bloggers really complain on it, they just bought it themselves and showed on their articles. At least I saw tons of swatches/articles/posts about this precious polish, always talking about its horrible price and insane beauty.


Year later, I mean now, crazy thing is happening; peridot dupes EVERYWHERE. I see many brands releasing their own peridot dupes. Even if it’s not perfect dupe at all, from my opinion, it’s still dupe – they are always gold-green shimmering duochromes. Me myself own five of them, but still more are available. But anyway, because I own five; why not painting each finger by each polish?


So I did it. Five peridot-like duochrome in each finger. What is funny here is I don’t own peridot myself, but hey…don’t you think this is already enough? Irridescent eye and Art Deco 227 is much greener, and Art Deco 226 is much copper than gold, but each of them are still very, very similar each other.
And what is much funnier for me is, I still think it might be fun if I can have all of the dupes which are available…Absolute Douglas Fireworks, Anny Most wanted, Misslyn chameleon, OPI Just spotted the Lizard, etc…and still NOT thinking to own original peridot. I don’t understand myself why, but that’s me :D


まぁとはいえですね、いい色であることには間違いありません。爪が欠けちゃったので一気に短くして、だから全塗りしてもいかつくはならんだろと以前から温めていたこの「Peridot系ポリ個別塗り」を今回敢行したのですが、意外と指にしっくり馴染んで吃驚です。こういう偏光系の中でPeridot系が阿呆ほど作られている(=売れている?)のにも納得です。あとこの5本の中でも特にCatriceとSeohora、ArtDeco 227とJessicaがかなりそっくりな色出しで、ほとんど何も考えず塗り始めた割りに中指を中心に対象に同系色を配置した形になってよかったなあと。Catrice/Sephoraがゴールド寄り、ArtDeco 227/Jessicaがグリーン寄りかな。とはいえよーく見ないと差なんて解りませんが。


  1. I think all of them are very pretty. And here I can still say, I own none of them yet xD

    1. Actually I got 6th dupe yesterday...I think I'm really crazy :D

    2. One from KIKO! Their current collection holds four duochrome-polishes including this green-gold peridot dupe XD

    3. I need to go to Kiko sometime soon... They didn't have the new collection when I was there last time. Did you try the red one from that collection?

    4. Sorry no...I think I have to next time!


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