May 5, 2012

#027 Jeans, border, jeans

Seche clear base coat
P2  Jean-ious nail polish Navy Washed Denim (light blue, 1 coat)
P2  Jean-ious nail polish Indigo Denim (navy, 1 coat)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


When I saw this polish in the local drugstore, I didn’t feel to have it. But right after I saw the swatch at Kayono’s “Neues vom Kellerkind”, my mind screemed that these polishes are “must have”. Her swatch was too cute to avoid it!


So as you see, these are not the creme denim-color. It contains tiny glass-fleck like silver shimmers, which works for rough cloth-like semi-matte finish. What I liked very much is even I applied glossy topcoat, its unique finish is kept that it’s like cloth under the plastic cover. Actually I wasn’t in love to Nubar’s or Chanel’s denim collection, but these are something else. These are really unique shades, formula was a bit streaky but not bad, and…they are pretty opeque! I’m happy with these, may be I have to think about denim-inspired something…:)


というのも見ての通りタダのデニムカラーでは無くて、凄く細かいGlass fleck系シマー(日本語で何ていうたらええんでしょうね)がぎっしり入っていて、これで表面が少し粗い感じの、紙とも布ともつかない感じの仕上がりになるのです。トップコートかけても「透明素材の下の紙or布」みたいな見た目で大変によろしい。これは本当に「無い色」なので買ってよかったと本気で思っています。


  1. You bought it after all! I'm glad you could find some bottles. I'm really pondering if I should get a back-up...
    I like how you used both blue shades for this border-mani. Cute! ^^

    1. I feel I was lucky enough to find these two blues, that now I only see gray and red everywhere but no blue :(
      Anyway thanks pushing my back! :D


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