May 8, 2012

#028: Argyle french…is it!?

P2 8 in 1 nail wonder
essie blanc (white, 2 coats)
essence color & go! fame fatal (red, 1 coat)
essence color & go! better late than never (hot pink, 1 coat)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


As I’m in tape-mani now, I wanted to try some design which is really hard without masking and one of it is this. When I saw this on nail salon’s website I was in love, but in same time I gave up to do it cause it was gel nail. But probably tapes will help me for the argyle patterns…? Well, I tryed, and these are the result that I got.


I think result is not that bad. Of course it’s not crispy design as gel nail made by professionals, though still not so bad. But how I constructed the pattern is pretty crazy and not sophisticated, I want to improve the method and re-do by another way. Try and error! Why not??


But Argyle french itself looks pretty cute, it’s a bit too cute for work but…still cute! Actually my husband loved this mani, I have to do it again at least for him ;)




  1. I think it turned out really cute. What is the gold polish you used? And what's your opinion about your new essie white polish?

    1. Golden liner was Akzents direct's one that I bought via Amazon. It's quick-dry and bit tricky, but glitter is super-fine so good for fine glitter line.
      And essie's blanc...I'm happy with this! Still a bit streaky but much easier formula than cheap one. Only the problem for me is their new brush...I don't like wide brush so much.


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