May 12, 2012

#029: Multiple blue spotted-french

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
essence 50’s girls reloaded Ahoy! (white spots)
essence color & go! a lovely secret (pale blue spots)
KIKO nail polish No. 336 (blue spots)
Catherine Arley No. 674 (baby blue holo spots)
essence color & go! glisten up (clear blue spots)
China glaze Love letters (1 coat)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


While I removed previous one, I was competely lost what I’d like to do next. I wanted to use multi-color, but I had no exact design. My feeling was like; No use of tape, no entire painting, no pink, no green, no dark color…after a few moment, I started to put a spot with white, and then pale blue, then blue, and…


...Finally this has been came out.
Even I was lost  from designing while I started to paint the spot, I’m pretty satisfied with the finish except use of Glisten up, it didn’t give any effect or rather too much. I should stop with holo spot, but well…At least I’m fine to spend few days with this nail, I don’t feel bad at all.


ただ今回の反省点は1色余分だったなあということ。白+濃淡2色+差し色(ラメとか)1色で十分ですね。やり過ぎると目立たないかごちゃごちゃになるかどっちかな気が。それから多少ごちゃーっとなっても最後にLove lettersなんかのグロスカラーをひと塗りすると随分感じが変わるんだなあと。あとこういうのは色相or彩度を揃えると統一感が出るのだなというのも今回の収穫です<色相も彩度も関係なく塗ったらえらいことになった←当たり前

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