May 17, 2012

#031: Pastel yellow straight french + golden glitter

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
Color club Hard candy (sheer pink; base color)
essence color & go! wanna be your sunshine (vivid yellow, 1 coat)
essence color & go! mellow yellow (pale pastel yellow, 1 coat)
essence color & go! make it golden (golden glitters)
Akzent direct Stripe and Paint gold (fine golden line)
Art Club glitter liner gold (medium golden glitter line)
essence better than gel nails top sealer



So I wanted to try 10 different design on same color theme for 10 fingers! Because my topcoat was too thick that left pinkie got TONS of bubbles, but I think overall design went fine. First layer of yellow was too bright, so I covered with white pearly yellow…and the final color made me happy. I think I must make my own franken with these two, I like THIS yellow better than originals.
I also strongly think now I need the glitters/stones/studs or whatever decoration for arts, it was sooooooooooo frustrating to pick up each one single glitter from the glitter polish!!





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