May 25, 2012

#035: Grayscale holo “ombre” mani

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
WinMax Alpha-Rainbow Nail color No.10 (index, 2 coats)
Catherine Arley No. 667 (middle, 3 coats)
Color Club Revvvolution (ring, 3 coats)
Catherine Arley No. 805 (pinky, 2 coats)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


Word “ombre nail” was something I didn’t understand until a bit before. While I google the term “ombre”, it’s almost same as the word “gradient”, and I couldn’t understand why two different word is exsisting at least for nail art.
Recently, Janette in Swatchaholic made a brilliant post that really clarify which is what; that, “gradient mani” is a gradient look on each single nail, and “ombre mani” has indivisual color on each nail but with same color phase. So as far as I understood, today’s one should be a “ombre” look with grayscale holos in my stash.


One mistake I did is two colors I used or index and middle was unexpectedly SAME. Difference is so subtle and was masked by scattering holo effect, I almost can say these are dupe. Probably I had to apply silver holo…OK, I can keep this idea until when I’ll redo this next time.
Anyway I love grayscale color with holo-shimmer, they are really often very holographic and beautiful, even without sunlight! Also I’m happy to go another ombre mani, I like the style and now I can really use the term correctlly :D




しかし随分イカついな黒玉虫。あとColor Clubの墨灰玉虫はなかなか色が出なくて写真撮るのが大変でした。想像以上にほんのり玉虫。とはいえこう並べると違和感ゼロなのでこれはこれでお気に入りです。


  1. It looks great! I also have the Catherine Arley 805 and I think it's awesome!

    1. Oh yes this black holo & also all the CA's holos are really awesome :D


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