Jun 2, 2012

#038: Marine blue-green glittery shimmer

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
essence color & go! choose me! (2 coats)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


After the nude color, here comes again the fun-color! As I saw this color at the numbers of blogs, I wanted to try this one myself…and could understand why people are cought to this one. Marine blue with large gold-green shimmer which really *sparkles* in the real almost as glitter…OMG such a beautiful color!


BUT there’s one big negative point for this color; this color stained my nail like HELL. I’ve never got such a point anywhere, so probably it’s only for me but it was really the first time I got such a great staining, that all the nail went completely GREEN. Maybe it’s due to remover I used (that was first time I used the new non-acetone remover), or basecoat was not thick enough to prevent staining, well I don’t know…but it really happened to me.
I love the color, I’m happy to own this, but now I’m a bit hesitating to wear again :( I bet I should try again, but I had to buff the nail to remove the stain (even my nail is REALLY thin!! :’( ); I’ll try again only when my nail has grown enough and completely refreshed.



爪 が 超 絶 染 ま っ た (´;ω;`)

過去あり得んくらい最大級の染まりっぷりで冗談でなく爪が真緑でしたorz どれだけ除光液たっぷりのコットンでごしごししても全く取れないので泣く泣く表面を削ったくらいです。ただでさえ素爪はぺらいのに!ジェルしていないと折れるとかいう程ではないけれどそれでもジーンズのジッパーに挟むとちぎれるくらいには薄いのに!!


  1. I love this polish! I just used it too this week! I don't know, but this screams summer, sun & sea to me. Pretty~
    It didn't stain my nails though. Sad, that you had to buff your nails. I always hate doing that. :( Maybe it will be better when you take off your next polish. I noticed that after I had terrible staining from essence Confetteria.

    1. I love this polish too, color is really beautiful...so I was really wondering what has happened for me :( I'm so sure I'll try again, it's too pretty to give up...I much more think it's because of remover and not the polish itself, I need to confirm this.


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