Jun 8, 2012

#040: Baby blue holo: one of my fav!

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
Catherine Arley No. 674 (3 coats)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


Catherine Arley 676 is one of my favorite holo and my personal best in CA holos! CA holos often has moderate to subtle holo effect, BUT this is an exception; it has really strong holo effect! Even photos are taken under sunlight (yes today’s shots are taken under sunlight; my skin tone looks better under the sun), it still doesn’t tell the true color because it’s just blinging and blanging so much XD


Nothing more that I can say, it’s just really fabulous, I’m even thinking to have backup before it’ll discontinued…OR, of course I wish this will NEVER get discontinued :D




  1. *-* Indeed, a beautiful color. I love blue holos...

    1. Then this is definitely the must-have :D

  2. I like blue in all versions, light, dark, glitter... and holo! Lately I bought my first holo nail polishes, they are Pupa holographic nail polishes and I liked them all. You can see them on my blog, I published 3 posts with swatches in May. Unfortunately, I didn't "catch" so good their holo effect like you did, in real life they are more beautiful! :-)

    1. Pupa is something I'm craving...it's so jealous that Italian brand now working very good on holos! Why this big wave don't come to northern Europe...*sigh*


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