Jun 11, 2012

#041: Black lacquer with golden glitter

Essence better than gel nails base sealer
essence color & go! black is back (black, 2 coats)
essence color & go! gold fever (golden glitter, 1 coat)
Essence better than gel nails top sealer


Gold fever, I think this is best polish in all the colors which was added as 2012 spring/summer essence core line!! It’s clear polish packed with fine golden glitter and a bit bigger…RED glitter! Because choice of glitters are so unique and red glitter definitely gave a spice to golden glitter, I REALLY LOVE this.


It’s really glitter-rich polish, that this glitter tip was made by only ONE coat. It’s amazingly dense – even much than I expected – so I can say this polish has really good coverage. I’m not a big fan of completely glitter-covered nail, so my wish was a bit less glitter density but it’s definitely not a problem; I can dilute it. It’s always better to have concentrated one, that dilution is easy but concentration is VERY hard :D


今年のessenceはなかなか良いラメポリをばんばか出していてちょっと幸せです。というのも散々既出ですがラメポリってほんっとーにこっちで見かけないからです。あっても金ラメ粉1種突っ込んであるだけーとか細かいホロラメ1種だけーとかで捻りも何も無いのばかり。そこに来てこのgold feverは細かい金ラメにほんの少し大きい赤ラメを配し、金のきらきらの中にちらちら(でもはっきりと)光る赤ラメという素敵ポリに仕上がっていてわたくし幸せです。結構ラメ密度が凄くて本当はもっとさりげない感じにしたかったんですが一度塗りでべったりラメが乗ってしまった件(´・ω・`) 次は薄めるとかして使いこなしたいところです……が、薄過ぎるよりはいいかなあとも思うのです。ラメ密度無さ過ぎて全然拾えないポリよりはずっといいよね!!(`・ω・´)


  1. I was about to buy this golden glitter nail polish from essence last week, but somehow i decided not to... seeing how great it looks on your nails makes me wanna get it for sure this time!:D

    1. Oh this is one of must have glitter, if you love the glitter :D

  2. pretty!

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