Jun 17, 2012

#044: Black lacquer with golden glitter Reloaded

essence better than gel nails base sealer
essence color & go! black is back (black, 2 coats)
essence color & go! gold fever (golden glitter, gradient)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


THIS is what I wanted to do with these polish combination. However as I noticed before, gold fever had unexpectedly dense glitter which is just too much to build the gradient. So how can I do this?


Actually sponging did NOT work for this case. Glitter was really fine, it was completely stuck in the cavity of sponge; OR was released from the sponge at once. It was not fun, so now what I did…I just diluted gold fever with the clear polish.


As gold fever is really glitter rich, that I had to dilute on 1:10 ratio, but…anyway it worked! It’s also easy to control the amount of red spicy glitters on the nail, honestly I love this way to build the gradient ;) And I’m also happy how it looks like…kinda Japanesque-style! How do you think? :D



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