Jun 24, 2012

#047: Blue glitter sandwich (or importance of practice)

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
KIKO 336 (blue base color, 1 coat)
KIKO 231 (hex glitter mix, 1 coat)
Nubar 2010 (Flakie glitter, 1 coat)
KIKO 335 (blue jelly, 1 coat)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


So today’s nail represents GOOD example to show what’ll happen if you paint your nail without trying your new combination for example on plastic tips. This also gives an idea that layering without any plan doesn’t give you desired result. OK of course it’s common sense for everything, every case, but…I was too lazy to follow such a general rule.


While I got gorgeous blue jelly from KIKO, my mind was full of “should go for glitter sandwich”. My biggest fault was I didn’t try to find the best glitter for such an idea. Actually these photos made me happy because they captured glitters pretty well, but they didn’t appear well in the real life - which is pretty rare - that it only looked like plain blue ink color nail. Yeah, I know color itself is already cool, but…that was NOT something I wanted to have this time *sigh*


But well, even I did wrong I still can LEARN from it :D My fault was pretty simple, that I used transparent glitters instead of opaque glitters. Especially I really will say myself NEVER to use Nubar 2010-like flakies for this purpose again, that even flakes covered the nail well they’ll be killed by one layer of jelly :( And OK, next time, I’ll definitely try on tip before the nail…that’s already something fun, too!


いや本当やる前に試すのって大事。チップあるんだから試せよと。ぶっつけ本番とかやってんじゃねーよと。チップで試しても本番で上手く行かないなんていくらでもあるのに、大体プロの方だってチップで試しまくるなんてやってるのにドシロートが何やってんだよと!orz 大体クリアラメの上にシアーポリ塗ったら沈むなんて到って当たり前の話なのに何故塗るまで気づかなかったかとorz ……もうそんな反省点だらけのネイルであります。
まあ幸いだったのは見た目そのものが酷い状態では無かったことと、改善点が解りやすかったところでしょうか。とはいえ本気何してんだと思わんでは無いですが。Nubar 2010なんてかなりびっちり塗ったのに最早影も形もありませんよ。塗ったって解ってても見えないのに解ってなかったら尚更見えるわけ無い=完全無意味とかorz


  1. When I did my first blue sammy, my experience was the other way around. I couldn't quite capture it on film, but it was clearly visible in real life. I still think that yours looks pretty on those pics =)

    1. Yep, for my case it wasn't enough visible IRL...even people didn't notice the glitter in it too. I'm happy it appeared in pics, but...well?

  2. クリアラメの上にシアーポリ塗ったら沈む…言われてみればそうですね。Σ(゚Д゚) ラメの上にSeche Viteとか塗って極力表面を平らにすればいいのかな?わたくしリキテックスプライムを買ってみましたがまだ試してません。リキテックスリキッドはさらさら過ぎて半分くらい爪上で弾かれてしまい思うようにいきませんでした。ジェルでやれば簡単なことを意地でもジェル以外でやろうとする妙なこだわり、共感します(笑)。

    1. だってジェル後進国ですし!(笑)

  3. It's a pity it was not that visible IRL, this sandwich looks great on your pictures!

    1. Thx! Normally it's opposite, I know, but it happened...


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