Jun 27, 2012

#048: Sold Out For Ever; Old and New

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
Catrice Sold Out For Ever (Old = light shimmery green, 3 coats)
Catrice Sold Out For Ever (New = pastel white-green, 3 coats)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


So…what I hate in polish world. I like/dislike many stuff around nail polish because of my taste, but I REALLY hate brands making DIFFERENT color in SAME name PLUS product code. One well-known example is of course the OPI My Private Jet that OPI made at least two - or even a few more - different versions with completely different shade. I don’t understand why brands do this, different shade could be different name or at least different code, no? Anyway today’s feature is another well-known example; Catrice’s Sold Out For Ever.


As far as I know…”old” Sold Out For Ever was released as 2010’s new core line, and was announced to be discontinued this March. Actually it was right and wrong; that NEW shade with SAME name Sold Out For Ever was added as one of NEW core line released at March 2012. Instead of nice green color with pretty shimmer, plain white-green crème got same name and product code…


By the way I own both, so…why not combine these two different shades with same name in one mani? I think this will give the idea for the difference of these shades…at least I’m happy to find these two shades are friendly and not fighting each other :) One thing I disliked is chalky formula of “new” one, but probably this will be good stamping polish…It seems to be.


新しい色に同じ名前と同じ製品番号をつける心算というのはどういうものなのか真剣に知りたいChiroです。一番良く知られているのはOPI My Private Jetでしょうか。別に新旧どちらのバージョンがいいとも悪いともいいませんが、違う色を作ったなら違う名前にしろ、せめて品番くらい変えろと本気で思うのですが。大した手間でも無いでしょーに、ホント。
さて今回のCatriceのSold Out For Everもそんな色の1つです。この名前を持つ色自体は2010年からあるのですが今年頭に廃番が発表、……されたと思ったら全く違う色が同じ名前で出て来たという。共通するのは緑系であるという点のみ、濃淡も違えばシマーの有無も違うという違いっぷりです。ここまで違うなら違う名前にしろよというところなのですがついた名前も品番も同じ。どういう判断ですか全く。


  1. Haaaa I hate that too. The new SOFE is pretty but they should just have given him a different name.
    And I think the old SOFE had this name because it was a dupe of the htf Channel Jade, now the name has no funny sense anymore :(

    1. Oh I didn't know about that Chanel dupe story, but yeah it does looks like that...but anyway doesn't make sense for current SOFE at all. Why they could be lazy like this... :(

  2. I like more Catrice Sold Out For Ever Old, but I already immagine both of them in some beautiful manicure! :-)

    1. New one is also OK, but still I think it need another name...well, I don't understand brand's thoughts :)

  3. I totally agree with you! Why not just pick a new name?!? I guess most of the world aren't addicts like we are?????

    1. At least they are not doing something logical or reasonable :( It's not only the matter of polish...


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