Jun 29, 2012

#049: Hot pink glitter sandwich: STILL practicing

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
essence better late than never (2 coats)
essence special effects topper disco disco (2 coats)
essence better late than never (diluted, 2 coats)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


So according to previous post, now I tried with OPAQUE glitters. I wanted to have jelly cover on uncolored glitter, so this time I used silver-holographic glitter. I also changed the color from blue to pink…just for my interest.


AND honestly I still feel something wrong. Probably my thought wasn’t right, sparkling effect of holographic silver glitter was totally masked by the jelly and even turned as black/gray spots. If I change the angle, sparkles are still visible but it again turns into matte black/gray spots by another angle. I think it’s because the color of glitter is really different (even though it looks same for all the glitter in the bottle), some are jelly friendly but some are not…and goes to uneven look :(


Anyway this result still looks unique and cute, that’s something made me happy, even this is STILL not my wished result :) Unfortunately I don’t have so much jelly & glitter…well, what shall I do? Now I’m looking for the way to go without getting gigantic amount of glitters/jellies…otherwise it’ll be never ending story :(


ところでbetter late than never、これ透明感のあるホットピンクで、1:10くらいで薄めたらとてもキレイな半透明ピンクポリになりました。これはいい大変気に入った。今我が家には空びんと攪拌球が相当数転がっているのでちょっといろいろやってみようと画策中です。無いなら作ってしまえばいいと思うんだ!


  1. seriously this jelly sandwich looks great! I wish I could find essence nail polishes here in Ny :(

    Ps. I'm not sure if you know but you have your word verification on,Every time anyone comments they have to enter those little blurry words lol

    1. First, thanks telling me about that word verification stuff; I didn't realize it and now I turned off! (I don't like that too haha)
      And essence glitter...hope it'll installed someday, or...may I get them for you? ;)

    2. your welcome :), those things drive me crazy I have to squint my eyes like a granny lol!! omg you would do that!? I would like love you forever LOL,e-mail me if you can so I would be able to know how I would be able to get my hands on some of those babies & I could do the same for you in return with a brand of polish you can't find in Europe? :)


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