Jun 9, 2012

Swatch: essence Snow White LE (Snow White!)

OMG I’m really impressed that page view of my previous Snow White swatch post has been exploded and still increasing; thanks readers, thanks people who linked that post to their blog/forums, thank you so much all of you!!
Sadly this wonderful Snow White LE wasn’t ready for most of shop until today, but hey, TODAY…I found TWO other shops started to display them, which means slowly but for sure IT’S COMING!! OK girls, get ready to grab those fantastic collections, I already added some stock in my hand…including MISSING SNOW WHITE. Yay!!! :D


So I made a quick swatch here. Lighting is a bit different from previous, but polish color is close to the real life; that, it’s bright candy red jelly-like creme. I won’t say it’s jelly because I felt it’s a bit too opaque to say ”jelly”, but it’s still jelly-like that free edge was slightly visible even after two coats. Formula was REALLY good, it flowed extremely smooth and was very easy to apply. Of course there’s full of red polish floating around everywhere, but I think this is unique because of its jelly-like clear red texture. It’s great, thumbs up, must have!! :D

So…finally, where I found whole stuff is Kaufhof (one in my local and one in neighbor town) and Rossmann (my local). I don’t know why but dm isn’t carrying them until now (hope it’ll come), but at least shops above had this LE. Run girls, now it’s the time, RUN!!!!! ;)


  1. It's *still* not out in my city. :( It's getting a bit annoying...

    1. Oh no poor you :(
      Probably today? I often see new displays coming out at Saturday (or Friday, as flying) here...But I really hope it'll come soon!!

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