Jul 3, 2012

#050: Jelly sandwich day!! (Jelly-glitter-sandwich-ombre)


P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
essence colour & go! think pink
(index, basal 1 coat + top 3 coats)
essence colour & go! better late than never
(middle, basal 1 coat + top 3 coats)
Seche Red (ring, basal 1 coat + top 2 coats)
P2 last forever polish dating time
(pinky, basal 1 coat + top 2 coats)
KIKO 231 (hex glitter mix, 1 coat)
Color Club Covered in Diamonds (Flakie glitter, 1 coat)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


It’s still a middle of summer challenge but I’ve decided to go for this mani on same time…Now I think you could understand WHY I was trying many patterns of glitter sandwich! Two previous are just a part of my training, actually I had bit more…and finally I ended up as today’s mani for “Jelly sandwich day/Polish Days” which is kindly organized by Hannah from Polly polish :D


But the biggest problem for me was…I don’t own so much jellies. I own only few, but as polish day seems to be special occasion; I didn’t want to go for simple glitter sandwich. OK what shall I do? …Empty bottles, here. Balls, here. Clear polish, here. …Tiiiiiiiime to franken! ;)


I chosen four colors from my stash. They all have similar finish; jelly like crème, so it was very easy to prepare jellies from them…all I had to do is simply dilute them, et voila! You can see the results on the nail :D


And from my last experiment, I learned that it’s better to use clear but BIG glitter for my case. Only big glitter I had was Color Club Covered in Diamonds, and THIS worked so well…it’s really sparkly and piece of mylar through jellies looks like crushed glass :D I love the effect, I love how it looks like IRL, I love how captured in the photo…I’m just happy about the result!


So as today is “Polish Day”…or “Glitter sandwich day”…you’ll see TONS of glitter sandwich mani EVERYWHERE. Ready for other lady’s sparkling masterpieces? Now check out Polly polish…and again, thanks for organizing this wonderful occasion Hannah!!


えー夏チャレ真っ只中ですが別の企画に参加してみました、その名も「Polish Days」!一言でいうならネイル部海外版みたいな企画でして今回が第2弾、お題はラメポリを半透明ポリで挟んだglitter sandwichであります。ええちょっと前にしつこくやってた最大原因はコレです。だってせっかく参加するならちょっとでも捻りたいじゃないですか!……とかいいつつあまり捻れていない感じではあるのですがorz
ちなみに本当に物凄い厚塗りなのですがColor Clubの乱切りホロが埋まり切らなくてちょっと凸凹してる件。一応乾かすときに軽く押さえたりして平らにならしたんですが、上から別ポリ塗る→反り返る→飛び出す、みたいな。もうちょっとつるっとした仕上がりにしたかった。でも色とかポリとかの組み合わせはかなーり気に入ったのでもう一工夫できたらいいかなあ、と思っています。夏にいいんじゃないかなコレ!<自画自賛


  1. Looks wonderful. Am very impressed that you made your own jellies. I had no idea that it was possible! x

    1. Thanks!
      Preparing jellies are not so hard, try it! Try it!! :D

  2. Ooooh and Ombré jelly sandwich mani. Great idea, love it!

    1. Thanks!
      I wanted to do something with spices ;)

  3. That's very pretty! I am amazed at the end result ^_^

  4. ombre + sandwich is beautiful xx


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