Jul 17, 2012

Summer Challenge #09: Favorite Summer Memory

P2 8 in 1 Nail wonder
essie tennis corset (shimmery sheer white, 1 coat)
OPI funny bunny (off white, gradient)
essence colour & go! absolutely blue (pale blue)
essence colour & go! walk on air (blue)
Crushed shell chips
essence better than gel nails top sealer


Oh, now first half of Summer Challenge is over! The first mani for the second half is themed as…Favorite Summer Memory, so I went straight for recreation of my bridal nail, which was done as below a few years ago…


So now you can ask me why bridal nail. Seriously, tomorrow is our wedding anniversary! Honestly when I saw the date and theme for this 9th theme, I was really surprised and felt there’s no reason not to do my marriage-related nail. It’s truly one of my very best Summer Memory, not only because it’s wedding anniversary, but one thing made us to NEVER forget about that day…


WE GOT GREAT HEAVY SHOWER JUST RIGHT AFTER WE REGISTERED OUR MARRIAGE!! :D That’s the reason I put raindrops on ring finger which was NOT available on original design! It was really right after we went in the car, we got great waterfall from the sky, and we just laughed and giggled about that…it still makes us really laugh :D It’s definitely the most happy (laughing) day I’ve ever had, and probably it’ll be a most happy and funny day in my whole life ;)


So how’s other’s favorite summer memory? Check them out! ;)


夏チャレも後半に入りまして9日目、「一番好きな夏の思い出」で今日が7月17日……ったら私には1つしかありません、ワタクシ実は明日が 結 婚 記 念 日 なのですー!!もう1日ずれてたら最高ではあったのですがそれにしても何この偶然!これはもうブライダルネイルやるしか無いでしょう例えそのネイルがプロの手に寄る物でしかもジェルネイルで結構大変なものだったとしても!!ということで挑戦してみたら意外と上手く行った件。悪くない出来だと思うのですが如何でしょうか。
さて丸っとコピーじゃ面白くないので薬指だけ雨模様にしてみました。というのも結婚記念日、婚姻届を出しに行った日なのですが、婚姻届出す→役場の外に出る→クルマに乗り込む→(3秒)→突然物凄いスコールに見舞われる!!というハプニングがありましてw もう外が見えないくらい、それこそその辺が一瞬で池と化したくらいの本当に物凄い雨、むしろ 滝 で2人して「何だこれー!!」とずっと爆笑していたというw 未だに思い出しては「あの時は凄かったねー」「けど完全に回避できてたもんねー」「さすがだよな俺ら(キリッ」とやってる馬鹿夫婦です。


  1. I love it, you were wearing very lovely bridal manicure.

  2. Aw this is so sweet! That is awesome that you recreated the mani you had for your wedding - and happy anniversary to you! I got married a long time ago, and actually didn't think to take a picture of my nails back then, but I believe I just had a very simple light pink done at a salon. Very cute idea!

    1. Thanks!! Wedding stuff is always so sweet stuff <3
      And that time I got my nail at salon too, and actually we (or Japanese salon) have a habit that salon takes a snap shot of completed nail and add to their catalog or website/blog as "example", so that's why I could get my past-old-nail. Lucky me :D

  3. This is stunning Chiro! And Happy Anniversary to you!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I'm getting married in October, I would love to have my nails something like that, it's so pretty x

    1. Thanks!!
      It was not that complicated in the end, just a white gradient + shell chips. Worth to try! ;)

  5. That's so pretty!!
    Happy wedding anniversary *^_^*
    You know, in my country (Greece), if it rains on your wedding day, it is considered a sign of great luck.

    1. Oh YES!? Actually I didn't know that, your comment made us very happy!! You are so sweet, THANKS!! <3

  6. I love this. What a great memory and the mani is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you!
      Well, great funny memory though :D


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