Aug 11, 2012

Liebster Award!! (& Old mani spam)










Thanks to lovely Jessie (@Delight in Nails), Kelly (@Nails for the Sake of Sanity) and Tintin (@The Colors of My Empress Nails), I got this award from three of them at same time! YAY!
I think many of you know about this award, it’s one great way to introduce the lovely baby blog to the world; I’m pretty excited show my stuff relating to the award rule. It’s from three lovelies, sorry today’s post will be REALLY text heavy! :D
But I also know text-only-post is not that interesting at all…I decided to add my VERY OLD mani pics as Spams. I hope you’ll enjoy this idea ;)


So let’s go to the official rules below;
1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2. They must also answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them.
3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.
5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.
6. There's no tag backs.

First, sorry I strikethrough the rule 4, 5 and 6 mainly because when I seek the blog that I can tag, almost ALL of them are already tagged before. Instead I highly recommend people to see my blog roll at right sidebar, it’s growing days and nights, and I’ll say all of them are really fabulous if I can tag all of them I’d like to do :)


So now, my 11 facts;

  1. I’m Japanese around-30 lady currently working in German institute.
  2. I used to be living in US, Denmark and France before.
  3. I have super-duper strong western Japanese accent.
  5. My hubby is also a GREAT GEEK. We’re geek couple :D
  6. My hub was my good very old friend, like a decade or more.
  7. I love German sausage but I HATE Japanese sausage :P
  8. Biggest food I miss in Japan is…chicken. Not fish. Even though I love fish, it’s CHICKEN.
  9. I love kimono. Not fancy one, much casual one, but love ‘em.
  10. I…no, WE are on a diet now! Let’s see how much we’ll lose :P
  11. I’m not socialized one, so blogging is full of trial-and-error for me :)

Next, first pile of question, from Jessie;

  1. Why did you start your blog?  As I’m foreigner living abroad, I thought it’ll be interesting  to introduce multi-country nail polish; Mainly EU polish to Japan and JP polish to abroad (though I don’t have enough JP polish yet, haha) 
  2. How did you get into nail art?  Mainly because of my favorite JP nail bloggers!! They’re always amazing, I really recommend to have a look from my JP blog roll, worth looking them even if you won’t understand Japanese.
  3. What's your go to manicure when you're feeling uninspired? HOLO. When I’m stuck, I simply go for holo. That’s why I need as many holos as I can get! :P
  4. What nail polish are you lusting after at the moment? Butter London All Hail The Queen. MY BIGGEST LEMMING!! :) And holos from Hits, Jade, Layla, Pupa……again, I’m a sucker of holos :P
  5. Which is your favorite brand of nail polish? German: essence, US: China Glaze, JP: AC (I need to get TiNS one day though) 
  6. Are you a fan of indie polishes and why? Not at all; I’m not a great fan of big chunky glitter. I’d like to own just a few, like holo or multichromes, but others are not my taste. 
  7. Which sports do you enjoy watching in the Olympics? Football!! And it was great time for us, thanks Japanese national team!!
  8. Where in the world would you most like to visit? There’s lots of place I even think I “need” to go…but maybe UK. I’ve never been to such an amazing country. 
  9. What other hobbies do you have? I love video games,  I love cooking, I love Legos, I love to *watch* football…overall, I’m pretty an indoor geek :P
  10. Do you have any strange fears? Snail. I don’t know why but it was my biggest fear in my childhood and I still HATE it. But seashells are OK. Slugs too. Oh and, I LOVE escargots!! :D 
  11. And for the classic...if you were an animal, what would you be and why? Sparrow. I still remember one of my childhood’s dream, being sparrow and fly around very fast…

Another pile of question, from Kelly (Sorry some are doubled with Jessie’s, so just a part of them);

  1. What is your favorite manicure of yours so far? (please include photo)
  2. Ultimate dream job? Fortunately my current job is one of my dreaming job since my childhood :)
  3. Favorite animal and why? Penguin, especially adelie and gentoo. They’re just too cute to avoid <3
  4. What is your favorite quote? Nothing better than living here now.
  5. What is one thing that you are really particular or picky about? EAR RINGS. I only wear body jewelry by very limited brands for my ear.
  6. Where do you get inspiration for your nails? Everything, everywhere. But biggest inspiration often comes from polish itself. Polishes are arts!
  7. Why do you do nail blogging? In other words, what do you get out of it or hope to get out of it? To communicate with other polish addicts, that’s it! If people are interested in each polishes, that’s one of my great pleasure.

OK now last pile of question from Tintin (Sorry again some are doubled with Jessie’s and Kelly’s, I took just a part of them);

  1. If you can have your own brand of nail polish, what would you name it and why? Tsuma-Beni (爪紅). It’s very old Japanese word for nail polish.
  2. What was your dream to be when you were a little kid? I heard from my parents when I was small I said “I want to be a LION”. And I remember myself, that moment lion for me was totally MALE LION :D
  3. If you were a given a chance to change your name what would it be? Fortunately I love my name, don’t want to change! :)
  4. What is your favorite color when wearing a polish? There’s lot of colors I love but navy blue is ALWAYS promising for me :)
  5. How did you come up with your blog name? Initial plan was to record my weekly nail. Now it’s not :P Maybe I need to change it…?
  6. What are the things that you can't last a day without? BIG hug with my hub <3

So that’s it!! Hope you enjoyed my answers to the question & spams, and oh yes…I need to add one more stuff, I answered Gwenn’s interview at Sweet Sugar a bit before that you can see here (Thank you so much for the opportunity, Gwenn!!). Today’s post and this interview is seriously ALL about me!!


  1. Very fun! Nice to learn so much about you :)

  2. So cute to read your answers! And you did some very nice manis! :)

    1. Thanks!!
      They are pretty old, but still looks good :)

  3. Hi I have tagged you for the liebster award :3 I do apologize seeing you already did one :)

    1. Oh really!? Thank you so much, having same stuff from 4 people makes me really happy; to know that many people liked my blog :D
      Anyway thanks!!


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