Aug 24, 2012

Swatch: Depend Holographic Nail polish Part 2

Hope you’ve enjoyed yesterday’s swatches! They’re all cool, right? :D
Now part 2 of Depend holo swatches are featuring another 4 colors, 2029/Charm Pink to 2032/Denim Blue.


Again please notice that ALL swatches are taken under the daylight lamp (6500K), and I gave 3 coats + 1 coat of essence better than gel nail top sealer for each polish :)


2025/Charm Pink. Bright vivid pink holo with hint of blue. More light color than Raspberry, but has good coverage as it; two coats are already OK (but I love to give 3rd coat on my taste). Holo effect looks subtle here, but I’m sure it’s because of combination with lighting; it’s pretty strong holo as others!


2030/Plum. Light purple holo. I think it’s pretty rare color for purple holo, as most of them has darker color to strengthen the holo effect; but this one has pretty strong holographic effect despite of it’s light tone. OK with 2 coats, but clearly better to give 3rd coat to get the bottle color.


2031/Lavender. Soft pale lavender holo. This one is sheerest in the colored holos; almost as sheer as 2025/Silver. Not enough with two coats, so 3rd coat is mandatory…or maybe even 4th coat. Very soft color but really pretty! Holo doesn’t appear so strong compare to others, but enough to add nice accent to the color :)


2028/Denim Blue. Middle toned washed denim-like warm blue holo. Other way around, SUPER-HARD-TO-CAPTURE COLOR. The tone of color changes so drastically under the light, and holo effect too; I don’t know why. But it’s definitely NOT subtle holo at all like you can see on my swatch! Hope I can take better pic soon :/ OK with 2 coats, but better for 3 coats.

Again I had no problem with the formula of these all, and were topcoat friendly; and I also must say they’re all basecoat friendly too, that it doesn’t require special basecoat like aqua base for its easy application.
Now this is it for today, tomorrow I’m going to show last 4 shades!! :D


  1. I want allll of these. Wow! <3

  2. Replies
    1. And again today as part3 :D
      Hope you'll enjoy!

  3. Can I have all of these??? I love your swatches so gorgeous! <3

  4. Replies
    1. I love them too...actually I love ALL :P

  5. Beautiful swatches Chiro, I think the blue is my favourite x

    1. I think Depend really made stunning holo collection!

  6. Lavender is my favourite in this group! :-)

    1. Oooops... it seems that somehow I didn't see Denim which wins over Lavender! :-)

    2. Hahaha, actually ALL of them are really pretty and unusual for holo colors... ;)


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