Aug 25, 2012

Swatch: Depend Holographic Nail polish Part 3

I’ve shown 8 of 12 colors until yesterday; today is last part ;)
Part 3 of Depend holo swatches, featuring least 4 colors, 2033/Ocean Blue to 2036/Ocean Green!


As before, ALL swatches are taken under the daylight lamp (6500K), and I gave 3 coats + 1 coat of essence better than gel nail top sealer for each polish :D


2033/Ocean Blue. Bright sky blue holo. Now I really wonder if sky blue is most obvious background color for all the holos (such as Cathrine Arley 674); holo effect of this color is very strong!! It seems to be perfect summer color but also sparkles under dim room light :) 2 coats for good coverage, 3 coats for complete bottle color.


2034/Steel Blue. Soft grayish pale blue holo. Looks like kinda sheer color but it have good coverage as most of colors, 2 coats are already OK (but better for 3rd coat). Looks like the blue version of 2028/Heather Pink, pale color though pretty strong holo effect! Unique color, of course I love this very much <3


2035/Laurel Green. Yellowish gray-toned grass green holo. One of biggest surprise in whole collection. I didn’t expect that this one also show such a strong rainbow effect!! It’s as strong as 2033/Ocean Blue, that holo effect was still clearly visible even under dim light. I don’t think there’s so much green holo like this! Good with 2 coats, best with 3.


2036/Ocean Green. Bright green-blue holo. Or perhaps blue-green? Not sure, but I don’t say this one as “green” even if it’s named as “green”. Bright holo as another “ocean” color 2033/Ocean Blue, just a bit darker and green-toned. OK with 2 coats, but better 3rd coat to get strong color, as other shades :)

Phew! It was big work for me that I usually don’t get entire collection and also don’t go for swatches; but it was definitely worth doing for these polishes.
So now let me summarize for my opinion;

I like these because of;
+ Good brush and great formula = super easy application
+ Basecoat/Topcoat friendly, no need for specific treatment
+ Nice color choice; I think bright colored holo is not that common
+ Not super cheap but still inexpensive, 2.64 euro/$3.99 each

I don’t like these because of;
- Bottle size is pretty small (5ml) and thin = tumble pretty easily
- Where is ingredient info? I don’t see anywhere including website :(
- Not many possibility to buy (I’ve got mine from

Well overall, I love this collection. I even think these are one of the best holo polish collection from EU! I can’t say these are BIG3 free though…still I can recommend because of nice color range. I hope they’ll continue to produce holo polishes in other colors, it might be promising & exiting!! :D


  1. I think these are my favorite out of the collection!

    1. Love cool colors? These are really stunning <3

  2. They are super gorgeous, I think the last one is my favourite!

    1. It's really nice strong holo color, I just live these so much ;)

  3. all of them are stunning, I definitely need holo polishes

  4. I really wouldn't know which one to choose from this group! :-) You are really a lucky girl to have them all, it's a pitty the bottles are sooooo small... :-)

    1. Yeah small bottle is a bit sad point, but think about price...actually it's not too bad at all :) I'm thinking to get some backups pretty soon!

  5. The polishes are great. I bought them on eBay from a seller stivig12. Just perfect nail polishes and super holographic effect.


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