Sep 3, 2012

#063: Multichromic shimmery blue gray

Orly Nail Defense
BeYu 330 (3 coats)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


Honestly BeYu polishes are bit pricy for me so I don’t own so much, but when I saw the swatch by Rie from Nails and Noms, I couldn’t stop myself to get it, as I’m really a sucker of unique multichrome polishes; and luckily I could snatch the very last bottle from!


So sadly it’s already discontinued - unlike well-known Brilliant Shiraz, it didn’t go to new line - but I can’t understand why it’s discontinued. This is THAT beautiful and unique. Shimmery light blue gray with purple/blue/green glass fleck. I’ve never seen such a color anywhere.


Cool, sexy and unique looking but not too strong, so I even think this will be still accepted for office. It seems to match perfectly to black pants suits; at least I think when I’ll wear suits next time, I’ll definitely wear this color. Love it, and hope I can get backup…though it’s super hard to find now :(


いうことでBeYu 330です。ベースがパールきつめのブルーグレーで、故に光が反射しまくっていて解り辛いのですが、紫・青・緑に光る大粒シマーがぎっしり入っていて角度によって見え方が変わるいわゆる偏光系ポリです。偏光系でこういうクールカラーって正直珍しい気が。単調なグレーでは無いのがいいのか、一見凄く派手な色に見えて実のところ非常に上品な指先になるクール美人系カラーです。黒いパンツスーツなんかに凄く合いそう。というか自分が次回スーツ着るときの指はコレだよなーと今から決め込んでいます。

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