Sep 6, 2012

Liebster Award: Q & A from another nomination

I’ve got ANOTHER nomination for Liebster Award DIRECTLY from lovely Radha from Polish Owl! Actually I’ve got it before, and also THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL that my follower is over 200 now (!!) …but I thought her questions are pretty fun, so why not answering to introduce myself…a bit more? :D

  1. What is your holy grail hand/cuticle care product? Hmm…I’m still seeking for the product which fits well to me. Though one thing, I’m not a Lush Lemony Flutter lover; I much prefer Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter :)
  2. What is a nail polish color you most often reach for? GREEEEEEEN. Especially if they contain glitter/shimmer.
  3. How often do you change your nail polish?? Min: every two days, Max: once a week. Yes, I keep my mani for a week quite often! 
  4. Do you prefer short or long nails for photos? May I say middle length? :D 
  5. Do you have any special tips or tricks for healthier/longer nails? I’d like to ask that to someone else :P Well, dropping the oil between the nail and finger is something I often do to keep whole nail moisten. 
  6. What are some colors/finishes you’re afraid to try? Afraid to fall in love? :P At least I know I’m a bit hesitating for chunky glitters... 
  7. What is your favorite type of Coffee? I’m a decaf drinker ;) 
  8. What is your signature scent? Elisabeth Arden’s Green tea.
  9. What is your favorite smell in the world? Japanese citrus, like Yuzu, Kabosu, Sudachi… 
  10. How often do you change your toe nail polish? Pedi is always sticking for at least A MONTH!! My toe nail grow sooooooo slow :( 
  11. How many polishes do you own? 400. It seriously has been QUADRUPLED in this half a year and pretty sure it’ll grow MORE :P

Well, Sorry for no-pic post but hope you all enjoy!! AND let me thank again for all the followers, and sorry not holding anything now, but FOR SURE I’ll plan to do something to celebrate it…especially when it went over 250, I definitely will host something...GIVEAWAY :P
Let me shout here, I’M READY FOR IT!! :D


  1. Congratulations on your Liebster!!!!!

    1. Thanks!!
      It's funny to do twice though :P

  2. Hehe I love your manis so it's great to hear a bit more about you. And btw I suspect you have far more than 200 followers since low tech types like me who don't use GFC are following your through RSS feeds. I know what you mean re the chunky glitters - I'm far too lazy for the removal of them. That's why I'm keen to try the PVA glue as a base coat. Some people swear by it.

    1. Actually I can feel pretty many "repeating" readers are around this blog, when I see the stats/page-views...I really appreciate all :D
      And for chunky glitters, I mean especially indies one, I still can't get interested in...that's other reason I'm hesitating hahaha :P

  3. I've just started following you via BlogLovin' and I like what I see so far :) It's nice to read a Japanese-inspired blog in English!

    1. Thanks for following! :D
      Well, actually, me myself is a Japanese... :P


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