Oct 21, 2012

Holothon #20+#21=?: Jade Deja Vu vs. Seducao Rosa

essence carry me home! (Ready For Boarding LE)
Jade Deja vu (2 coats, index & ring)
Jade Seducao Rosa (2 coats, middle & pinky)


My hub’s comment;
Bottle color: “Sorry…I can’t find the difference of these two. Both are pretty candy color, but…what’s the difference? Can you wear the both in once?”
On the nail: “Umm…still hard to see the difference…If I see very carefully then I can see, but not so clear at all”


So this extra post has been built because of my hub’s request :D He really asked me if he can have a look for the color difference of these two Jade holos, Deja Vu and Seducao Rosa, and here comes the bicolor mani! It’s pretty interesting that on the photo difference is much obvious than IRL; They both are brilliant holo pink and quite hard to recognize the difference each other IRL :) 




……ということで見分けが少々難しいという結論に達した件。写真だと意外と色の違いは明確に出るのですが、実際はぱっと見本当に見分けがつきません。どっちもキレイなギラギラ玉虫ピンクだよねえ、で終わるという。先にも書いたとおりDeja Vuの方が少し青みがかっていて玉虫ほんの少し弱いかな、というところですが元の玉虫ギラギラっぷりが強烈過ぎて並べて塗る意味を全く成しません。とはいえどっちもキレイなのでいっかー、という感じではありますけれども。

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