Dec 29, 2012

Swatch ‘n’ Review: “Unexpected” holo from ebay (SNC bluemotion)

Ebay is amazing place to find new shop/brand. There’s enormous number of nail-design shops on ebay which sells cheap nail goods…and pretty often, their own polishes. But have you ever tried such polishes? They are usually in good price too, but I think not many ppl have tried those, as I’ve never seen swatches using such polishes.


What I’m showing today is one of such polishes. This is one of the polish I could find on with terms “Hologramm nagellack”. As other “ebay shop” polishes, this only had photoshoped tip pic and no “real” swatch; but was fine price (4.90euro for 11mL) and I was curious enough to buy one for try, so…it’s here. With HUGE surprise for me. I mean, it shown STRONG linear holo effect which I’ve NEVER expected with such a cheap, not-known holo!!


So here is Bluemotion, by German nail art material shop SNC (Super Nail Center), two coats without topcoat. I had to be careful for light controls while taking pictures otherwise strong holo effect could totally mask its blue color. This is such an AMAZEBALL. I was thinking that German brands are skipping to produce good holos but I WAS WRONG!! I’m sooooooooo happy that I could find and get this :D


Isn’t this AMAZING!? I’m even drooling now!! :P

...Now several questions can raise up here. First question might be, if topcoats will dull the holo effect or not, right? Pics above are all no topcoats, that’s why it shows amazing holo effect, so now what’ll happen if I apply my favorite everyday-using glossy topcoat, essence’s better than gel nail top sealer?


Answer is: Nothing happens. Above, I applied topcoat on ONLY TWO fingers…but can you guess which one is with/without topcoat? At least I can’t define on these photos! Answer is middle and pinky, but…I still don’t see the difference.

So next question can be if this has stressful, patchy formula or not, no? :) I usually use peel-off basecoat for swatching because it also works as aqua base for difficult formula holos, but I had to try this on normal basecoat as well!


And…result is here! This shows only ONE coat of bluemotion on each fingers with normal/peel-off basecoat. Yes, ONE COAT!! And again, can you guess which is which? :D This holo accept any basecoat, which is really great ;)

Now…want to see how SNC bluemotion looks like comparing to other blue holos? Of course I did comparison swatch!!


1. vs. Color Club Blue Heaven (2 coats w/o topcoat, middle & pinky)

As Color Club Blue Heaven is the blue holo with strongest holographic effect in my stash, I first compared with this, and…


This is what I’ve got. Look similar? Well, IRL holo effect of Color Club Blue Heaven(middle & pinky) was def stronger than SNC bluemotion, but well…effect difference is not so big, base color is very close, and in the end they’re almost dupe for me. Cheaper dupe of good holo? YES PLEASE :D

2. vs. KIKO 401 Peacock Green (3 coats w. topcoat, middle & pinky)

Next comparison is with KIKO 401 Peacock Green, turquoise holo from their Lavish Oriental LE.


As KIKO’s holo effect is bit subtle and that of SNC bluemotion is pretty strong, I think photo shows clear difference between these two :)

3. vs. Depend 2034 Steel Blue (3 coats w/o topcoat, middle & pinky)

Next, compared with one of Depend’s holo, #2034 Steel Blue.


Color itself looks kinda similar but again SNC bluemotion’s holo is stronger. Coverage was also slightly better for SNC bluemotion than Depend Steel Blue.

4. vs. Catherine Arley #674  (4 coats w/o topcoat, middle & pinky)

Final comparison is with Catherine Arley #674, my very first baby blue holo. I know it’s much “scattering” holo than linear holo, but I included here…just for fun :)


Catherine Arley #674 is pretty sheer compare to bluemotion, that I needed very good FOUR coats for full coverage and enough rich color. Holo is much subtle than others too, but well…still pretty as well :)

In the end, my conclusion is;


SNC bluemotion is very good dupe for Color Club’s holo. Though holo effect is slightly weaker than Color Club’s one, to think about price; I just can’t dislike this! Especially for German girls who love holos, this one is MUST HAVE, around 5euros for 11ml of this amazeball is NOTHING!!


Now as I couldn’t resist to buy other shades - they have 5 holo shades - I’m hoping to show other shades here soon. But for sure they won’t disappoint me, OMG I can’t wait til they’ll arrive to my home!! :D
Sooooooooo……how do you think about this new not-known holo? Have you ever tried for such a “shop original” polishes? ;)


  1. KIKOのポリ綺麗ですね(*^^*)

    1. 転送サービスを使わなくてOKなお店だったらebayでのお買い物も怖くないですよー♪私も結構中国のお店から消耗品の類いをぽんぽん買っていたりしますし。各店舗「Shipping」のところで配送可能国を調べられますし、見てみては如何でしょう?

  2. Very pretty! Thanks for the heads up on these eBay cheapies!

    1. I can understand ppl will hesitate to buy these ebay stuff without swatches, at least I was like that, so why not!? :D

  3. Amazing...
    Too bad they don't ship to a bunch of EU countries :(

    1. Yeah they do send some of countries but not all...I wonder why OK for San Marino but not for Italy for example :/
      Well but I bet you still can ask CP or swap to your friends if you need!

  4. Oooo these look lovely, have you got a link to the polish as I'm having difficulty finding it in their shop! Thanks x

    1. Sorry if it was difficult to find it, but it's already in the post!
      The 3rd paragraph, below 2nd photo, bold characters are them (one is link for bluemotion itself, another is shop link).
      However sometimes link is gone because auction is done, better to search in the shop by "hologramm nagellack" and you'll find it!

    2. NP ;) Hope you'll enjoy them!


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