Jan 20, 2013

Quick post: essence 2013 d/c products (list with names)

Because it’s a season for us to say “BYE” to some essence products…but there’s NOT many info what’s going to be gone, I’ve decided to upload quick post about it! So below is the whole listing image from essence, but as there’s only the product number and not really easy to define which one is leaving, I’ve added the list of respective product’s name. This is much made for myself (that’s the BIG reason I’ve only shown for nail products here), but also hope this will be a help for people…to decide what to buy ASAP! :D

今年もこの時期がやって参りました、年に2度のessence & Catrice商品総入れ替え時期!……が、「新しく加わるもの」の情報は氾濫しているのに「いなくなるもの」の情報は非常に希薄という素敵状況でして。自分用のメモがてらここにまとめてみた次第です。


(Click image to enlarge)

essence colour & go! nail polishes
No. 119: boho chic
No. 120: cookie love
No. 123: 1000 miles away
No. 127: i love bad boys
No. 131: ballerina’s charm
No. 135: i’m bluetiful!
No. 136: love’s recipe

essence nude glam nail polishes
No. 01 hazelnut cream pie
No. 06 cookies & cream

essence nail art (will be renewed)
Protecting base coat
Sealing top coat

essence nail art design stencils No. 01 & 02
essence nail art jewels No. 02 milky way


(Click image to enlarge)

essence nail art nail colour3 (WHOLE line to be discontinued)
No. 01 midnight date/city that never sleeps
No. 02 shopping trip in soho/party all night long
No. 03 kiss on top of the rock/dancing in the streets
No. 04 a walk in the park/stop for an ice cream
No. 05 boys are back in town/it’s just a crush
No. 06 ticket to the show/front row or backstage?

essence better than gel nails
Nail file
French nail tips 03
French nail tips 05

essence studio nails
Cuticle remover gel 2 in 1
Nail fixing system step 1 & 2

essence nail art special effect topper
No. 03 hello holo
No. 08 night in vegas
No. 09 copper’ize me!
No. 11 disco disco

essence cracking top coat
No. 03 crack me! steel blue
No. 05 crack me! silver

essence magnetics nail polish
No. 07 wish list secrets!
No. 08 love potion!

essence nail art magnet (will be renewed as new nail art magnet line)
No. 01 (Same as renewed magnet “magic stripe”)
No. 02 (Same as renewed magnet “cute star”)

Alright…this is it! Personally I’m feeling bit sad that entire colour3 line is leaving :( Also for glitter toppers; I’ll say WHY!? They’re all nice glitters! :((( Actually I’m much looking forward for new line, but still…leaving is something, sad :’(


  1. Oh no, Hello Holo is leaving too, and that's one of my favourite glitter toppers. :( I hope I can find a backup of it!

    1. Yep pretty many is being gone!
      Hope you could grab one ;)

  2. Thank you for the list Chiro! I don't mind the Color&Go shades leaving, but I really don't know why they discontinue all the Color3 polishes. Oh well, I am looking forward to their new products!

    1. Yeah Colour3 is one of their interesting line! I rather wanted to have new color line-up...it's too sad :(
      But as you, I'm also looking forward for their new products!!

  3. Ohh, I need my nail art sealing top coat: BACK IT UP!!!

    1. Oh I've never tried that! Is it good?
      But also I've seen it's going to be renewed, so not complete d/c :)

  4. I want to cry. I have been trying to find I'm Bluetiful for a very long time. I'm so sad.


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