Jan 7, 2013

Swatch ‘n’ Review: Great SNC holos from eBay! (Part 1)

Do you remember my last post about holo polish I’ve got from German eBay shop? Though there’s no swatch and high risk to get a crap, it was unexpectedly STUNNING holo!! I went back to the shop right away, ordered ALL other shades, and…


Because after swatching I’ve got a BUNCH of pics, I’m going to divide swatching post in two. Also as I’ve already showed detailed swatches of Color No. 303: Bluemotion before, I’d like to focus on other four; so No. 101: purpleglow & No. 202: silvershape for today, and No. 404: coldgrace & No. 505 cyantrace for the next post ;) ALL swatches represents THREE coats of shade over essence carry me home! basecoat, WITHOUT topcoat.

No. 101: purpleglow


Purpleglow is pastel pink-purple holo. Even it says “purple” on its name, it’s not purple at all; it’s pretty pale, warm and much mauve-orchid. I was expecting bit much darker color, but well…still not bad, no?


Formula was very good, three easy thin coat of the color gave me the full rich holo color. Drying time was not bad either that I had NO stress during application & swatching!


Purpleglow (index/ring) X Color Club Halo-graphic (middle/pinky)


I also did the simple comparison with Color Club Halo-graphic because the first impression from bottle color was similar…but actually not! Color Club Halo-graphic had much bold color with stronger holo effect. It also turned much metallic compare to purpleglow.


If you like stronger pink holo, clearly Halo-graphic is better; but I still love purpleglow too, as different kind of shade :D

No. 202: silvershape


Silvershape is much “clear” or “colorless” holo for me rather than “silver” holo. It looks much closer to Jade Psychodelica than other silver holos, which also gave me an impression as “clear” holo because of its sheerness.


Unlike purpleglow or bluemotion, silvershape need very good three coats to get full opacity. If you won’t mind two is not bad, but I still could notice slight free-edge; so I do prefer three. Easy formula, good drying time for this too :)


Silvershape (index/ring) X Jessica Disco Diva (middle/pinky)


Now here’re comparison with “silver” holo I have. Even I felt the similarity with Jade Psychodelica, I’ve chosen Jessica’s holo…which can be defined as “classic silver holo” with Chanel Holographic, China Glaze OMG or GOSH Holographic, etc.


I think Holo effect is much obvious on Silvershape, but again it’s pretty different each other. And actually I like Silvershape better! I think I need to go for dupe test with Jade Psychodelica, but well…later on :P

Now this is it for today! I think holo effect of these are great, especially when I think about its price of 4.90 euro/polish or 19.90 euro/set!! Another two shades will come on next post and what I can say is THEY ARE ALSO STUNNING…so stay tuned!! ;)


  1. Yup, they are cool!
    Loved the purpleglow!! I need to try some of these polishes..

  2. Yes you should, if you can get them!! ;)


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