Jan 9, 2013

Swatch ‘n’ Review: Great SNC holos from eBay! (Part 2)

Here I am, with swatches of another two holos from SNC; No. 404: coldgrace & No. 505 cyantrace! Before, I want to share you what I’ve done just for fun;


SNC holo skittles :D From thumb to pinky, each finger represents by numeric order (No. 101 to 505). Isn’t this pretty? ;)
Now let’s go to swatches for last two shades! :)

No. 404: coldgrace


Coldgrace is blue-ish lilac holo. Looks similar with purpleglow? At least they do look very close each other even though official photo shows clear difference. Bit colder than purpleglow, but still…also because of holo effect, it looks pretty same shade as purpleglow :/


Nonetheless formula is again very good. Coverage is even slightly better than that of purpleglow. I also love blue-ish lilac better than pink-ish purple, so…I can’t dislike this shade. I love this shade! <3


Coldgrace (index/ring) X Depend Lavender (middle/pinky)


Here’re the comparison with another lilac holo I have, depend lavender. As depend’s holo have stronger color and weaker holo, comparison of these two clearly refers that base color of coldgrace is lilac rather than purple.


So…if you love holo and also have specific preference for lilac color, coldgrace is really the must-have! Yeah it’s not that very unique color, but still I don’t see same shade as this when I seek around pretty carefully :)

No. 505: cyantrance


Cyantrace is soft mint green-pastel blue holo. This one is also bit unexpected shade compare to their official image; it seemed to be bit more green but actual color was much blue. Also seems to be a bit similar with bluemotion, but cyantrace is much light and smoky mint blue than bluemotion.


Of course as others formula is good. Because of its light base color, it’s kinda most bright holo in all five shades that it even looks like silver holo in some angle! :) I did three coats, but I’m sure two is enough for this shade.


Cyantrace (index/ring) X Color Club Angel Kiss (middle/pinky)


Final comparison is made with another cyan-green holo from Color Club, Angel Kiss. Alright now you can see holo effect is better on Angel Kiss. Actually this made me happy, that it’s not really fun to have something same each other in the stash!


Although holo effect went weaker in cyantrace compare to Angel Kiss, it’s still very pretty. Both different, both good! :) For some case I love cyantrace better because holo effect is not too much but enough. I think it works as nice base for nail arts :)

That’s it! *phew* I hope you’ve enjoyed all the swatches <3
Now let me summarize few thoughts about this collection;

1) Positives! :)
Biggest positive point is of course the price X quality balance!! If you get these on eBay, it only costs 4-5euros for 12mL bottle. To think about other holos, they often cost around 10euros for 6-15mL (of course it depends), even if holo effect and/or formula is not great at all. As these showed nice holo effect with easy formula (no need for special basecoat & holo won’t get dulled by topcoat!), I believe these holos are one of most cheapest for its quality :D

2) Negatives… :(
There’s two big negative points I must point out.
One is color variation, which was pretty “too close” each other (see the skittle mani I did on first pic of this post). Especially for purpleglow and coldgrace; I don’t see the difference! Even bluemotion and cyantrace is pretty close color, which means it’s much THREE colors rather than five. Even I bought all color I don't see it’s necessary to get all of these.
Another negative is about delivery. Just have a look what I’ve found right after I’ve opened the package from them;


Yes, all polishes packed in one plastic bag WITHOUT bubble wrap, in between the page of their booklet. Fortunately - REALLY fortunately - mine came OK but who knows they’ll get broken or not WITHOUT proper wrapping!? Even they’re wrapped properly there’s still a risk to get broken! :( Oh AND I must note here that there’s NO “FRAGILE” sign on the pack. I seriously think at least individual wrapping and/or fragile sign must been done by shop otherwise breaking risk will jump up extremely high :(((

3) Tiny additional info…
While I was writing this post, I’ve found that holo polishes from French cosmetic brand “LM cosmetic” have EXACTLY the same name with same numeric order as these. Bottle design is different, but…ah…I don’t think I can say they’re different; I rather believe these are same. Maybe SNC is OEM of LM cosmetic? :/
Also please note that the price above is eBay price, and NOT the “official” SNC price; they have their own webshop out of eBay and selling these by around 9euro/polish (as LM cosmetic). I’ve found that they have ANOTHER shop on eBay which is giving slightly different price too. I have NO idea how these are organized, but well…just FYI.

4) So overall opinion: YAY or NAY?
If you love holo (and live in Germany), ABSOLUTELY YAY. Even I’ve wrote a LOT for negatives, I still LOVE these and am very happy with these. I strongly hope that they’ll continue to develop other range of colors, and once if they’ll come with for example darker holo shades then SNC will definitely be one of my favorite brand! :D
Forgive me for SUPER LONG post, but I strongly hope you’ve enjoyed…and will be happy if these swatch posts have been your help to choose unknown polishes from eBay ;)

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