Feb 1, 2013

Swatch: essence Hugs & Kisses LE Glitter toppers

Heart is girl’s best friend. Yes it is.
Then heart & glitters? YES PLEASE!!


So what I have today is the glitter toppers from essence Hugs & Kisses LE! This LE contains four polishes and four glitter toppers, but as soon as I’ve seen the preview I could easily imagine that toppers will be the most beloved stuff in the entire collection; and now I can notice that issue on displays with everything EXCEPT glitters :P

PLUS, because essence decided to prepare two size of displays - whole-size one and reduced-size one lacking one polish and one glitter - it gave MASSIVE PANIC to girls who’re waiting for this LE. Especially because rumor said that reduced one is for dm and whole-sized one is for Muller AND there’re very few Muller around here at NRW area, it sounded like a nightmare…until I’ve found whole-size display in my local dm.

...Yes you’ve read right, I’VE FOUND MINE IN DM. Maybe it’s because NRW branches of dm knows what girls need, they installed whole-sized one instead of small one…and what’s really funny is, I’ve NEVER seen so-called “dm-size” reduced ver. display ANYWHERE around here :D


BTW, off to the swatches!!
I started with swatching on clear tip as above and comparing with several colordrops underneath, but of course only “tips” are nothing fun right? :D And because I also felt plain topping-on-black swatch is not so fun…here comes my actual use of each glitters ;) Hope you all will enjoy!

1) more than words


essence Ready For Boarding LE destination sunshine (3 coats)
essence Hugs & Kisses LE more than words (gradient tip)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


More than words is combination of large pink-gold hex and iridescent clear multi-size glitters. It’s bit glitter-less and not easy to apply glitters evenly, but after dabbing and placing it could give pretty pink polka dot-like look :)


It was very hard to capture the color due to its hex glitters. They’re very sparkly and also color is not usual (I mean not like normal “pink” or “gold”; it’s really like “pink-gold”), so it looks 100-times prettier IRL than these pics!!


2) dreams for sale


China Glaze Love Letters (1 coat)
P2 Color Victim Perfectly good (Gradient & 3 coats on ring)
essence Hugs & Kisses LE dreams for sale (Gradient & 1 coat on ring)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


Mixture of super fine-to-large multi-size iridescent clear glitters. It looked pretty boring in the bottle, but…I must say this one is my favorite. Super fine glitter gives very nice elegant accent to the shades by layering, and also by…MIXING.


Yep, for the gradient tip, I’ve mixed a drop of P2 Perfectly good with two drops of dreams for sale into few drops of clear polish and thinner to prepare a forest green shimmery jelly. It worked great, it gave tiny but pretty sparkle sinking under deep juicy green…


...How do you think? ;)


3) crazy in love


China Glaze Love Letters (1 coat)
P2 Color Victim My place or yours? (half straight french)
essence Colour & Go! a lovely secret (2 coats on ring)
essence Hugs & Kisses LE crazy in love (1 coat on ring)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


This one is probably the most unique glitter in all; fine purple glitter, square purple glitter and SILVER holographic heart. I’m sure I’ve NEVER seen this combination. Silver heart appear rather cool-look than sweet or cute look!


First I felt bit weird because it’s not universal color glitter, BUT after application I found I was wrong; silver heart appears rather cool/elegant than cute/sweet looking. Need to try on other colors as well!!


4) sunshine and red roses


China Glaze Love Letters (1 coat)
P2 Last forever flirt with me! (2 coats)
essie My Private Cabana (1 coat)
essence Hugs & Kisses LE sunshine and red roses (1 coat)
essence better than gel nails top sealer


So here comes everyone’s favorite. Red glitter with red hearts. How can we hate this? :D Also big surprise on this one is it contains holographic glitter, which sparkles to blue-green-orange and gives very nice spice on entire look!


Actually final look of this mani turned out very sweet - rather too sweet on my taste - but well, red heart. How can’t it be sweet? :D


So…are you all OK now? Wasn’t too long? Oh, formula of these was not bad, not super glitter crowded but generally it gave enough glitters by easy one coat (except more than words; I need bit more glitters for this one).
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my swatches/example and now tell me…which one you’d like to have? :D


  1. I grabbed all of them as soon as I could! I thought I wouldn't get More Than Words because it was not in the display anymore when I was at the store, but then I was browsing the regular essence display and someone had put the last More Than Words in there! I was so happy :D

    1. Lucky you!! Yeah these are pretty worth having, so cute to ignore :)
      I'm even hoping if I can find few more sets...please, dm, PLEASE! :D

  2. You got them all???? Lucky you! The display was sooo empty everywhere I went. Would have loved "more than words" but at least I got to buy the last 2 glitters (2 & 3). Sigh.
    Essence should make an limited edition with glitter toppers ONLY!! xD
    That´d be heaven for me.
    .... and hell for my purse.

    1. Yeah they get gone SUPER FAST!! I hope shops carry few more displays as well...only one per shop is def not enough :)
      And LE with glitters alone? YES PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE :P

  3. 初めてコメントさせていただきます!

    1. こんにちはようこそー!

  4. The most I like Crazy In Love, but also Dreams For Sale! :-) That green gradient manicure looks really yummy! :-)

    1. THANK YOU!! Actually that result was a bit of surprise for me, I didn't expect I'll love Dreams for Sale so much :D But yeah it looks so yummy...my fav finish <3

  5. みどりフェチのアンテナが………

    1. グラデ部分のラメ混じりな部分は半自作ですけどねw
      本来はクリアなラメなのです( ´∀`)

  6. Replies
    1. And those are REALLY HTF even now...... :/

  7. Hi,

    Be that one of you can say to me where to buy on intern the red topper?

    1. my E-mail: nail.art.boutique@live.fr


    2. Bienvenue a mon blog Boutique nail art!
      Parce que c'est un peu compliquee, j'ai decide de vous envoyer un e-mail;
      S'il vous plait regarder :)


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