Mar 30, 2013

Saturday spam; or Long time no blogging but still alive!

(Just for fun, let me post my OLD mani; which pics were ready but not been posted for AGES :/)

(Color Club Halo Hues 2012 Cherubic, 2 coats without topcoat)

When I found I’ve been blogging ONLY TWICE this month I could *gasp* and just repeat OMFG and nothing else! OH MY GOODNESS (again) how this could happen!? I was NOT stopping painting nails, I was NOT stopping photo shooting of nails, I was NOT stopping networking, I was NOT bored to post my nails and others online, I did NOT change anything in my life…but I did NOT blog as well!!

(Alessandro Adore Me LE Luscious Brocade, 3 coats)

Oh no I lied, one thing slightly changed and that’s why I’ve almost forgotten to continue posting.
Let me blame Instagram (and twitter); that’s the place I’m posting the stuff pretty frequently now!

(essence colour & go! gold fever, 2 coats & KIKO Dashing Holiday LE 404 Golden Flame, 2 coats)

I’ve been in Instagram since…I don’t know, probably last spring or so? Which means I was there since almost a year ago but I started to use much more than before very recently. Actually as original concept of this blog was to upload my weekly manis and that’s it; and uploading to instagram with small comment really fits to such my thought.

(a-England Ascalon, 3 coats)

Well…that’s where you can see me much frequently than here! Although still I’m not super-duper active there compare to others, it’s still a place I upload my everyday mani/nail-related whatever. Also I don’t like to upload exactly the same pics on instagram & blog here, you’ll see different pics (same mani though :P) each other!

(Rival de Loop Young Galaxy Shine LE Neptune, 3 coats & Kleancolor Holo Blue, 3 coats)

So the take home message is quite simple; FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM (& TWITTER)!! :D
My account is following;

- Instagram: @Chiro_Nail
- Twitter: @NailofthisWeek

...So sorry that my instagram ID and twitter ID is different, I’m sure it’s confusing people to search me at instagram BUT as I already have >200 followers (THANKS Y’ALL!) I can’t change the ID now…f**kin’ my fault *sigh*
Anyway if you don’t see me here, jump to instagram/twitter; I’m more than happy to communicate with people around!! :D

(China Glaze Swanky Silk, 2 coats)






  1. yay you're back i love them all especially the alessandro and essence!

    1. Thank you and sorry for the absence!!
      Love sparkles? ;)

  2. I really missed your quirky posts! A-Endlang Ascalon and the golden essence mani look great on you!

    I already follow you on twitter but not on instagram. It doesn't work on my smartphone :(

    1. Sorry for absence! And thanks for having a look :)
      Now I started to put the Instagram widgets on the right side bar, so I hope you can also enjoy what I've posted on instagram too :D

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