Apr 4, 2013

#091: Belated Easter

Orly Nail Defense
China Glaze Love Letter (1 coat as base of french)
essence Colour & Go! ultimate pink (index, 2 coats)
essence Colour & Go! Lime up! (middle, 2 coats)
essence Colour & Go! absolutely blue (pinky, 2 coats)
essence Happy (Snow White LE, chick)
essie Blanc (egg shell)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

Well…honestly speaking, I’m not a particular “Easter” one as we don’t do so much for Easter in Japan. But after 5 years in Europe, I feel I need to be adapted into such a special occasion. Also when I was kid I lived in US and remember I painted eggs and did egg hunt in my backyard; so well, at least I had a “touch” of Easter already! So, even if it’s a bit too late for Easter (actually Easter for me is much April and I was surprised when I knew it’s March this year), why not going for “belated” Easter mani? ;)

So this mani I used Nail Defense for basecoat just because I wanted to use tapes for the design. You know, if I use peel-off basecoat, entire mani will be peeled of when I remove tapes! :D I used much thinner tape than I used before and found it’s WAY easier to get crisp line than using thick one; now I really understand why ppl use scotch tape.

Only the thing I didn’t like for this mani is the photo. I was struggling with the camera & lighting that my camera tend to be broken and lighting was, yes, imperfect. Fuck myself. At least it was good to know combination of dim natural light and normal lamp is a HELL. OK next time I’ll only take a pic by normal lamp and shut the shatter even outside is bright. MEH.

Anyway, how was your Easter holiday? Did you enjoy it?? ;)


ということでイースターネイルですが何なのこの写真……orz いやカメラの調子がほんと悪くて、なおかつライティングに大失敗した結果がこれですよ。液晶ではもうちょっとマシに写ってたんですけどね。何なのこの荒さ。凄え不満です私。やっぱカメラの限界なのかなー。でもライティングによって大丈夫だったりするんだよなー。天然光一番!だと思ってましたが場合によってはランプ一灯のがキレイに仕上がったりするので、下手に天然光を入れない方がいいのかも知れないなと思いつつ。



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