May 4, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 04: Green nails

Orly Nail Defense
Chirality Polish Kale (2 coats)
Chirality Polish Katydid  (2 coats)
Chirality Polish Asymptote (2 coats)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

4th day of 31 Day Challenge is Green Nails <3

Say Hi to my new favorite green holo series which is created by Chirality Polish! Since I’ve seen the swatch image of Kale, it invaded into my wishlist with Katydid and other few holo colors; and finally last month I pushed my back to grab them while they’re on 20% off sale :D (BTW I was super impressed by the customer service of Chirality Polish; They fulfilled my request more than enough!)

Each holo is NOT one-coater, base texture is much jelly-like but went opaque by bit thick two coats. They’re also not super-easy-to-control polishes, but it seems to be due to the brush; I hope it’s improved in their new bottle. Holo effects are NEVER dulled by topcoat and much stronger than a-England’s green holos, while base color is rich and dark enough and not whitened by holo particle…it’s nothing but pure perfection!! I’m very happy having this in my stash ;)

4日目は緑ー!みどりー!ってところで最近新たにうちのポリコレクションに加わったインディーズポリの緑玉虫3色を存分に使ってみたいというそれだけでこんな爪になりました。Chirality Polishの玉虫シリーズ。今まで濃緑系玉虫といえばa-Englandだと思っていたのですが、Chirality Polishのこれらはその色の濃さを保ちつつ玉虫効果が強烈になっているという意味で凄く素敵なカラーです。

ただ刷毛のせいなのか液質なのか、爪の上で液体が滑る感じで少々塗りづらいです。ベースをポリが引っかかりやすいもの(リッジフィラー系やアクアベース系)にすれば解決するのでしょうが、今回Love Lettersを塗った上=つるつるの面に塗ったので滑る滑る(;^ω^)あとa-Englandのと違って少々シアーですが2塗りでしっかり発色するのであまり気にはならないかな。緑玉虫スキーなら持っていて損は無い色たちです!


  1. Beautiful! Green holos are *always* beautiful! :)

    1. IKR!? :D
      Not many green holos are available BUT all of them are so pretty!

  2. I love this manicure! Putting it in my inspiration folder :)

    1. Aww that means a lot for me!
      Thank you Kas <333

  3. Indeed!!
    Maybe you also should have them ;)


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