May 5, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 05: Blue nails

Orly Nail Defense
Waking up at Midnight (Franken polish recipe by The Swatchaholic, 3 coats)
Nail Labo Square studs 2 mm
essence better than gel nails top sealer

5th day of 31 Day Challenge, it’s the day for Blue nails :)

Everybody loves Jeanette@The Swatchaholic’s amazing swatches/nail designs/photos, right? Her blog is one of the first non-US nail blog I’ve stalking since my obsession to the nail polish has been started; her blog is nothing but sweet demon that every time I check her blog it makes me want to get something or do something as she had/did! :D

And polish on today’s mani is one of her masterpiece. Since I’ve seen the post about her franken Waking up at Midnight, reproduction of this amazing franken polish was one of my polish dream. I already had same flakie topcoat, however, I was lacking other ingredients; at least one of main stuff, the blue jelly, Cool and the Gang from essence. But recently I found it sitting on the dusty discount shelf in my local Kaufhof in 95 cents (!) … OK NO REASON NOT TO GRAB IT, RIGHT? ;)

As above I could get two of exactly the same ingredients as her, and one similar polish from my stash, SIGNAL GREEN! I mixed everything following her instruction, applied on nails, and totally fell in love. What a sparkle. What a depth. It’s so breathtaking, and NONE of my polish - which now counts more than 600 - has similar finish! It’s totally original, thank you to Jeanette, I’m now more than happy having this in my stash!!

5日目のテーマは青!……ってところで以前から暖めていたものをやる事に決めた件。海外系の中でも大手の1つであるThe Swatchaholicで紹介されていたFrankenがあまりに美しくていつかやってみたいなと思ってたのを実行してみますたー!(;゚∀゚)=3



  1. That is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous x

    1. Thank you! <3
      I think you have all to make this, I really recommend you to try this franken :P


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