May 6, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 06: Violet nails

Orly Nail Defense
China Glaze Love Letters (1 coat)
Index: P2 my place or yours? (Base color) X essence Colour & Go! oh my glitter! (line)
Middle: essence Colour & Go! passion for fashion (Base) X A Lovely Secret (line)
Ring: essence Colour & Go! oh my glitter! (Base) X other threes
Pinky: essence Colour & Go! A Lovely Secret (Base) X passion for fashion (line)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

Day 6 of 31 Day Challenge, today is Violet Nails :D

...This one was a problem. I didn’t realize I own only very few purple/violets in my stash until I started to think about which polish I can use for violet mani. It was so funny to find that I even own more orange than purples; even I dislike orange much than purple. Oh I have purple holo or glitters, but I didn’t want to use them…I wanted to do something less sparkly and flat. I could find only 4 polishes in my stash which fit in my mind, and by those shades this mani is created :)

Actually ribbon stuff was something I wanted to do since sometime ago so I’m pretty happy that I could do that over here :) I made DIY polish decal sheet, cut in tiny triangles and pasted…which was NOT as easy as I’ve expected! I love the design itself and willing to do this in other color, but before going for such an idea, I’m pretty sure I must get sharp scissors and tweezers with ultra fine tips… :P


ともあれキラキラにするのは気分じゃないなーというところでそんな気分に合う紫が4本しか無かった件。しょーがないのでその4本を使って気分のままにいろいろごちゃごちゃやってたらこんななりました。ポリシートの三角リボンは一度やってみたかったので出来て満足です……が、きちんと並べるのが凄え大変でしたorz 次やるときまでには極細のハサミとピンセットを用意しとかないとなーと思った次第です(;^ω^)


  1. chiroさん、初めまして、こんにちは。

    1. 初めましてこんにちはa-koさん、辺境ブログへようこそー!

  2. That wouldn't be any problem for me, I have a too much purple little bottles! :-) I love the final effect and the ribbons on your ring finger nail are so cute! :-)

  3. HAHAHA I'm so jealous Raggio di Luna!
    I seriously do not have so much purples, it's less than 1% of my entire stash...time to fulfill! :P
    And I'm happy to hear you liked what I did here <3


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