May 7, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 07: Black & White nails

Orly Nail Defense
P2 Eternal (Black, 1 coat)
essie Blanc (white, 2 coats)
Posca (paints)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

Day 07 of 31 Day Challenge is Black & White nails!!
(Oh BTW today is also the Polish Days, which theme is “Number 5”; and I’ve posted ANOTHER mani for such an event too! Check it out here ;D)

Well initial idea wasn’t like this. Really initial idea was to go simple B/W stamping but when I started to paint nails something told me not to go straight to that direction, and first outcome went like this;

Plain cat-head tips with footprints. Then while I was taking a pic of this “plain” version, something popped up in my head;

Doko-Demo-Issyo (どこでもいっしょ), the one of super long-selling game contents in Japan. Because of its cute cat (& other animals) characters, it’s almost like a symbol of Play Station Entertainment that it’s not developed only for game itself but also used as the mascot characters for overall navigation/promotion of PSE themselves. Of course I love them and meanwhile my plain cat-head tip began to show up their face, so I grabbed paint brush and posca, and…Now here they are, say hi to Toro & Kuro! :D

31日チャレ7日目は白黒ネイル!……というところで当初はシンプルに白黒スタンプでもすっかと思ってたのですがどういうことでしょうかねこの変化。しかも最初トロクロ描くつもり全く無かったのですよこれが。猫頭フレンチと足跡で十分だよなーと思ってたんですよ。でも写真を一通り取っているうちにだんだん猫頭、特に白い方、がトロに見えて来ましてね……orz 今一度頭の形をオフィシャルで確認して、やっぱりトロだよなあ、クロも行けるよなあ、となった結果どこいつネイル化してしまったわけです。

(ちなみに本日2本更新しています、もう1つはPolish Daysネイル!どうかこちらからおひとつー


  1. omg so cute! Wish I could paint my nails like that!

    1. Thank you Kay!!
      It's not very difficult, I believe you can :P

  2. Cute :3 Or should I say kawaii...

    1. Thank you Andrea!
      Well we do use word "cute" as well... :P

  3. Wheeeee, kitttiiiiieees!!! x

  4. Cool! I love it! :-) I love the combination black&white! :-)

    1. Thank you Raggio di Luna!!
      Well maybe already OK without face, but I couldn't resist... :P


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