May 8, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 08: Metallic nails

Orly Nail Defense
essence colour & go! famme fatale (red, 2 coats/stamp)
KIKO Mirror 619 Red Peony (2 coats/stamp)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

Theme for Day 08 of 31 Days Challenge is Metallic nails :)

Ah…actually I’m afraid to say this is metallic nail. I even can say it went to sort of epic fail…especially with stamping. I’ve used Bundle Monster plate and Konad Stamper, but it didn’t pick up the pattern properly…which I’ve NEVER experienced with Mash plates. Also I have NO idea but my BM plate has been stained, which I’ve also NEVER got with Mash plates. Probably polish has been stuck pretty strongly to the plate so it couldn’t be picked up to the stamper & couldn’t clean well by polish remover, but…well :/

Anyway I love the pattern itself, it’s really funny to see my nails are so girly like this! Stamping with famme fatale went bit translucent, but it also looks like a pure red metallic which is pretty gorgeous. I feel a bit sorry that I can’t say I’ve 100% succeeded with today’s mani, but well…I think I must try out this polish combo with other plates to figure out what’s the problem!

さて8日目のネタはメタリックな爪!……だったワケですが何処がメタリックなのか。いや使ったポリはメタリックですしスタンプもメタリックなんですが最終的な仕上がりがあまりメタリックにならなかった件。ついでにBundle Monsterのプレートとの相性なのか上手く柄が拾われてくれなかった件orz 何なんでしょーねコレ。ポリがしっかり染み付いてしまったということはポリの剥がれが良くないってことなのかしら。それともポリとの相性?解らないのでいろいろ試してみないとなーと思いつつ(´・ω・`)


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