May 9, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 09: Rainbow nails

Orly Nail Defense
essence colour & go! absolutely blue (pale blue, 2 coats)
OPI Funny Bunny (sheer white, 2 coats)
Ring finger (rainbow fishtail);
Red: essence colour & go! famme fatale
Orange: essence Snow White LE Doc
Yellow: essence Snow White LE Happy
Green: Catrice Run Forest Run!
Cyan: Catrice Blue Cara Ciao
Blue: essence colour & go! walk on air
Purple: essence colour & go! passion to fashion
essence better than gel nails top sealer

Day 09 of 31 Day Challenge is Rainbow nails ;)

Unfortunately “Rainbow” didn’t give me great inspiration. Color by color is OK, but mixture of all the colors…this is something I’m REALLY not good to control. Also I didn’t want to go for gradient/striping/dotticure, that they come as individual theme later on! I had to think what I can/want to do, and finally…I reached to fishtail design with rainbow color.

I also thought to do rainbow fishtail for all fingers, but later I felt it’ll be too much; that’s why I painted three fingers with pale blue for blue sky. OPI Funny Bunny helped me to paint soft cloud on the tips; actually I love this combination, and also felt I should combine this nice sheer color with other colors…Doesn’t it look really soft and fluffy? ;)


実際のチュートリアルはこの辺りで見て頂くとして、意外としっくり落ち着いた感じになったのが意外でした。やっぱり虹の7色って見慣れてるから普通に順に組み合わせただけなら違和感無く見られるのかも知れません。あと雲をFunny Bunnyでやったのは正解だったかな。かなり行き当たりばったりで塗り進めていったネイルだったのですが、最終的に悪くない出来になったので良かったかなと思っています。


  1. This is sooo cool! :D I can´t believe I haven´t thought of doing a fishtail with all different colour! I think this is one of my favourite nailarts from you so far.
    Great job! :)

    1. Aww Thank you Connu, your word means A LOT!! :D

  2. Wunderschön! Sieht klasse aus! :)

  3. Perfect rainbow! I like it very much! :-)


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