May 11, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 11: Polka dots

Orly Nail Defense
essie Blanc (2 coats)
essence Goofy-Blue (Snow Jam LE, dots)
essence sunset paradise (Sun Kissed LE, mixed w/Goofy-Blue, dots)
essence top of the ice-stream (Snow Jam LE, mixed w/Goofy-Blue, dots)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

Day 11 of 31 Day Challenge, from today it’ll be mani inspired by patterns, and today’s pattern is…Polka dots :D

I haven’t done polka dot mani so much simply because my lovely hubby HATES polka dots. He says polka dots make him feel extremely bad and he just can’t stand to see them even in daily life. But while we discussed about today’s theme, we found there’s clear exception for him; and I took the inspiration from his exception, almost only one polka dot pattern he loves from his childhood;

The package of typical Japanese summer beverage, Calpis :)

Light blue random polka dots on white background, this is almost one of the symbolic pattern of summer for us as Japanese. Actually this mani drove my hub really crazy; when I’ve showed this mani itself, he went straight to the kitchen, cracked open our *precious* stock of Calpis and drunk it…which lead me to talk with him about opening of *precious* stock without any discussion :P




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