May 13, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 13: Animal Prints

Orly Nail Defense
Claire's #36325 (No name golden holo :( , 2 coats)
Posca (black)
essence better than gel nails top sealer (High Gloss)

31 Day challenge reached to 13th day, and today’s theme is Animal print :)

OK. Animal prints. I think this is the sort of animal prints. At least, it’s animal FOOT prints. Why not calling this as animal prints too? :P
Actually I did this way because I’m not a big fan of usual animal prints. Leopard, tiger, cow, zebra python…any of those popular patterns are not my cup of tea; that’s why I rarely do the animal pattern mani. But in the end, I think it went out as unique outcomes…and I love it!

First I thought I can use simple white as a background, and then idea to use sparkle beige came up; it reminds me of dry grounds/sands you can see at the zoo with animal footprints (BTW I’m very surprised that Claire’s had such a lovely holo!). Footprints I’ve drew represents as; Index: cat/fox, Middle: frog, Ring: hog/deer, Pinky: bird. I think each footprints of different animals are really interesting and cute! Now which footprints do you love? :D




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